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Fabien Cadet

Atom Authentication, by Mark Pilgrim on 2003-12-17 | - 1 views

    « A little-known fact about RFC 2617 is that HTTP authentication is extensible. The RFC defines and Apache has modules for Basic and Digest authentication, but developers are free to define different algorithms for use within the HTTP authentication framework, and servers are free to insist that clients support those algorithms if they want access to the server's resources. »
Fabien Cadet

The truth about REST, 2011-04-11 by Ian Elliot @ - 7 views

    "[...] If you are a programmer in a hurry and just catch part of the conversation you might well decided that REST is trivial and fairly obvious - just use URLs to code remote procedure calls. This is 80% of REST but the remaining 20% is important and it is all a matter of how you organise the remote procedure calls. [...] If you take the "URLs are remote procedure calls" approach to web apps then you are free to invent as many commands or verbs as you like."
Joel Bennett

Starksoft .NET/Mono Proxy Client | Get Starksoft .NET/Mono Proxy Client at - 0 views

    NET/Mono 2.0 Component for creating client side proxy connections to SOCKS v4, SOCKS v4a, SOCKS v5, and HTTP proxy servers. Returns a System TcpClient object once the proxy connection is established. Async calls supported. Examples in C# and VB.NET.
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