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    Improving your vertical leap is an absolute must if you want to improve your game and really get people to stop and notice your ability. After all, these days the game of basketball is as much about athleticism as it is about skill…so theres no point in spending hours on your ball handling if youre letting your jump training go to pieces. Get better at both and now youre talking about a serious improvement to your game. Improving your vertical is largely a case of developing your fast twitch muscle fibers. These are responsible for the explosive power that you need to generate when you jump and also when you take your first step on a drive through the lane. So, developing these fibers through fast twitch muscle training will help you become unstoppable on the court. The two exercises below are great for developing fast twitch muscle fibers and are based around plyometric training. They are quite intensive on the muscles and joints and therefore you shouldnt do them on back-to-back days. Allow at least one full days rest between sessions for optimal rest and recuperation.
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