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li li

Rasi in leading European Masters first round Li Haotong behind five ranked 12Beijing ti... - 0 views

Rasi in leading European Masters first round Li Haotong behind five ranked 12Beijing time on September 6 news, Indian players Ani Ban - Rasi li (Anirban Lahiri) in Switzerland Swiss Golf Club Schip...

started by li li on 06 Sep 13 no follow-up yet

tam tam tours - 1 views

At Tamtamtours, we allow you to discover hotels and experience your holidays in such a unique way. We are one of the Best tours in Mauritius - tours in Mauritius, Cheap and Best Luxury Hotels In Ma...

Travel Guide Mauritius - Tours Best Agency Attractions Sightseeing Cheap Car Rental Last Minute Flights LUX* Resorts and Hotels Taxi service Trip To Air Tour Holiday Packages Safari Adventures In Casela Nature Leisure Park Walking with Lion

started by tamtamtour on 30 Jun 17 no follow-up yet
Barbara Lindsey

EveryScape - 1 views

    Mapping the world through virtual tours
Clif Mims

Mapwing - 0 views

shared by Clif Mims on 30 Jul 09 - Cached
    Build and Share Virtual Tours for Free
Clif Mims

WebSlides - 0 views

    Turn bookmarks and feeds into interactive slideshows, guided presentations and tutorials, virtual tours, and more.
Dennis OConnor

Google Body - Amazing Simulation - 0 views

    This is an amazing virtual anatomy system. 3-dimensional views of all human organ systems. Zoom through the body . Use the label layer to learn anatomical vocabulary. Stunning graphics. A free virtual tour of the body. This is a beta offering. You need a Web browser that supports WebGL. This means Google Chrome or Firefox 4 beta. Well worth installing a new browser if you haven't already done so.
Angela Christopher

Virtual Tours - 1 views

    Links: virtual field trips
Clif Mims

Blerp - Say anything anywhere! - 1 views

    Blerp allows you to start discussions right on top of your favorite websites. Unlike typical web comments, you are in full control. You can post on any webpage you choose, regardless of whether they permit user feedback. In other words, Blerp transforms the entire Web into one giant forum where everyone can participate. Useful for annotating websites, designing online instruction, virtual tours, and Internet scavenger hunts.
Clif Mims

Trailfire - 0 views

    A trail is a collection of web pages, assembled and annotated by any Trailfire member, on just about anything under the sun.
Telannia Norfar

Jog The Web - 0 views

    A tool to help show people multiple websites and way these websites are useful.
    Great site to show students multiple sites to use and why.
Clif Mims

Flowgram - 0 views

    Easily combine webpages, photos, presentation files, that you and your students can create interactive guided presentations.
Clif Mims

SmartBoard Mini-Movies - 0 views

    A SmartBoard mini-movie is a simple (most involve only a click of the mouse), interactive animation that teachers can download and add to their galleries. From there, the movies can be inserted into their SMART Notebook presentations. Each mini-movie is a dynamic Flash file, similar to the same files that are already included in SMART Notebook's resources.

10 Unanswerable Questions that Neither Science nor Religion can Answer - Futurist Speaker - 2 views

    A few years ago I was taking a tour of a dome shaped house, and the architect explained to me that domes are an optical illusion. Whenever someone enters a room, their eyes inadvertently glance up at the corners of the room to give them the contextual dimensions of the space they're in.
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