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Search Engine - 0 views

    okay google
Keith Schoch

Digital Dialogue: Tech Tool for Reading and Writing - 4 views

    A collection of 25 sites for encouraging collaboration and interaction in the middle school and high school Reading/LA classroom. I promise there are some here you haven't seen before!

Create a blog - 0 views

shared by milica9 on 05 May 17 - No Cached
    Start your own blog and share knowledge with others. Choose a template and start blogging!
Angela Christopher

Technology Integration/Common Core - LiveBinder - 41 views

    A livebinder of resources for integrating common core standards and technology. 

Norton Setup CANADA - 0 views

    Here get Norton antivirus installation and remove virus of your computer in a few minute and save your personal data, office file to the virus just now click on Norton antivirus support USA/CANADA
David Freeburg

Drawing Upon PBS Kids « Epic Epoch - 15 views

    Great article, makes you think about your everyday teaching whether it is as exciting as the television shows our kids are watching.
Kristy Conger

The Practical EdTech Handbook - 21 views

    Can't get the link to work; just takes me to groups on DIIGO.


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