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Clif Mims

Code of Best Practices in Fair use for Media Literacy Education - 1 views

    Finally The End To Copyright Confusion Has Arrived
 Lisa Durff

Yes You Can: Conquering Copyright Confusion - 2 views

    Kristin Hokanson's slideshare presentation on copyright
Dianne Rees

copyrightfriendly - copyright-friendly music and sound - 0 views

    List of links to music and sound for free (under Creative Commons license)
 Lisa Durff

ALA | Copyright - 0 views

    Save Bookmark
Keith Hamon

Intro Open Ed Syllabus - OpenContent Wiki - 0 views

    The goals of the course are (1) to give you a firm grounding in the current state of the field of open education, including related topics like copyright, licensing, and sustainability, (2) to help you locate open education in the context of mainstream instructional technologies like learning objects, and (3) to get you thinking, writing, and dialoguing creatively and critically about current practices and possible alternative practices in open education
Rhondda Powling

Clip Art Gallery - 0 views

    Book clip art All clip art, about English and Language Arts, in Discovery Education's Clip Art Gallery created by Mark A. Hicks, illustrator. Teachers are allowed to download up to ten images if the follow the copyright directions.
Barbara Lindsey

Textbook Piracy Grows Online, Prompting a Counterattack From Publishers - - 0 views

  • College students are increasingly downloading illegal copies of textbooks online, employing the same file-trading technologies used to download music and movies. Feeling threatened, book publishers are stepping up efforts to stop the online piracy.
  • Textbook Torrents, promises more than 5,000 textbooks for download in PDF format, complete with the original textbook layout and full-color illustrations. Users must simply set up a free account and download a free software program that uses a popular peer-to-peer system called BitTorrent. Other textbook-download sites are even easier to use, offering digital books at the click of a mouse.
  • culture of infringement
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • So far the publishing group has not sought to take legal action against individual student downloaders, as the Recording Industry Association of America has done in its campaign to stamp out the illegal trading of music at colleges. The book-publishing group has not sought to shut down entire Web sites that offer downloads either, said Mr. McCoyd. Instead, officials are doing research on the extent of the problem and asking Web-site owners to remove individual files. "We've just tried to keep sweeping away these infringements as they continue to come online," he said.
  • One place their titles keep popping up is Scribd, a document-sharing Web site that opened this year. The site's policies do not allow users to post copyrighted content without permission, but some people break the rules.
  • "We have been fairly vigorous in monitoring these sites and in requesting that they take down our copyrighted content,"
  • Individual academic publishers have also taken steps to stop book pirates.
  • He said that if the problem worsens, publishers may have to take other steps to prevent piracy, such as releasing a new version of most textbooks every semester. The versions could include slight modifications that could be changed easily—such as altering the numbers in math problems. "They may compelled to," he said, "in order to stay one step ahead of the pirates."
    • Barbara Lindsey
      Wrong response. Instead of trying to force students into a model that doesn't work any longer, why not give them what they want and need? Look at MIT OpenCourseWare, Berkeley course content on iTunes, Flat World Knowledge, the California Open Source Project, Connexions. Heck! Look at OpenSource software such as Linux, Firefox, OpenOffice. THIS is the new model and companies will need to figure out a way to monetize this in a way that works for everyone.
Donna W

Teaching Copyright - Clif's Wiki - 0 views

    • Donna W
      The links work.
 Lisa Durff

copyrightconfusion - home - 5 views

    Kristin Hokanson's wiki about copyright.
 Lisa Durff

CR-Teach-Act.pdf (application/pdf Object) - 1 views

    TEACH Act Summary
Dana Longley

Copying Right and Copying Wrong with Web 2.0 Tools in the Teacher Education and Communications Classrooms - 27 views

    in CITE Journal - Language Arts Volume 10, Issue 3 (2010) ISSN 1528-580 Ewa McGrail Georgia State University J. Patrick McGrail Jacksonville State University
Rhondda Powling

Photo laboratory ( - Free Stock Photo / - 0 views

    Free to use, the site provides high-quality, digital images that can be used by teachers and students. The only proviso seems to be that they can't be sold on. Find images by keyword of browsing.
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