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Robert Vouter

Identity, Power, and Education's Algorithms - 13 views

  • An algorithmic education, despite all the promises made by ed-tech entrepreneurs for “revolution” and “disruption,” is likely to re-inscribe the power relations that are already in place in school and in society. Profiling has very different implications for different groups.
Cara Whitehead

What's New? - 11 views

    Two New Free Games! Just in time for the Holiday Season - two brand new games! Test-N-Teach (TNT) is our new spelling game and Read-A-Word is our first-ever reading game. Both games are available to everyone!
Amy Burns

TubeChop - Chop YouTube Videos - 23 views

shared by Amy Burns on 19 Oct 12 - Cached
Ludmilla Smirnova

Cool Websites for Kids - 41 views

    • Ludmilla Smirnova
      A very handy blog for teachers who would like to enhance their teaching and empower students learning with technology
R Cabezas

Teachers with Apps - Because Not All Apps are Created Equal - 0 views

shared by R Cabezas on 30 Dec 11 - No Cached
  • developed by a group of occupational therapists.
  • help all kids focus, improve, and perfect their fine motor skills.
  • distinct activities to improve fine motor skills and handwriting readiness, each one is very different from the other.
  • ...10 more annotations...
  • iPad’s multi-touch interface
  • assist anyone who may have difficulty speaking
  • symbols, aids, strategies and techniques used by individuals to enhance communication.”
  • includes gestures, eye gaze, touch, body postures/movements, sign language, photographs, printed words, objects, pictoideographs, and Braille.
  • a lead into a writing assignment.
  • discover history
  • combines the traditional power of storytelling with the latest in mobile technology!
  • lot of ground conept-wise and shouldn’t be limited to just fifth graders.
  • lots of encouragement and their is a lesson summary available when needed
  • tabs to pull, flaps to lift, buttons to push, and wheels to turn, as well as several games to play.
Dennis OConnor

Nik's Learning Technology Blog: 10 Tools for Increasing Engagement in Online Courses - 38 views

    A list of online tools,  many new to me. 
R Cabezas

programming - What makes a good educational game? - Game Development - Stack Exchange - 0 views

    • R Cabezas
      How do these qualities relate to website evaluation? 1. interface design (relateable Characters/avatars, game world immersion)  2. content organization 3. site architecture (game world immersion), last but not least and especially,  4. interactivity. Interactivity: 1. Needs to engage all senses (multimodal: touch, color/sight, sound, smell, kinesthetic), 2. Lot's of breaks (information chunking), 3.  
Dennis OConnor

Education Blog Awards - The Winners | Education Blog Awards - 25 views

  • There were over 300 nominated blogs, and over 3600 votes cast – then the five judges got their hands on the list! They have spent the best part of a month reading the forty shortlisted blogs and after much soul searching they have managed to come up with the winners.
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