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started by sophialeone14 on 10 Mar 16
  • sophialeone14

    LTE Air Interface

    Course Overview


    course is developed to create understanding of LTE Air Interface. It imparts
    knowledge on LTE Air Interface Capabilities, Features & Modern Techniques
    used. It also provides detailed explanation on Physical Layers, Channels &
    capacity constraints used in LTE Radio technology.


    Course Pre-Requisites


    The Participants attending the course should
    have the knowledge of RF fundamentals of GSM & 3G networks.


    Course Summary


    Evolution of 3GPP
    releases, from release 99 to release 9

    Radio interface
    techniques, modulaiton schemes and different duplex modes in LTE Physical
    Layer Structure

    LTE Radio Interface
    Protocol Stack and LTE States

    Downlink, Uplink
    Physical signal and channels

    HARQ, Random access

    Power Control and MIMO

    UL and DL Scheduling
    principles and signaling

    Concepts of dynamic
    and semi-persistent scheduling

    LTE Mobility,
    Intra-LTE mobility in ECM-CONNECTED and ECM-IDLE mode


    After Attending This Program,
    You Should be able to:


    Explain LTE Air Interface

    Explain Radio
    interface techniques

    Describe LTE Air
    Interface Accessing & Modulation Techniques

    Understand Physical
    Layer Structure

    Understand the concept
    of MIMO

    Explain UL and DL
    Scheduling principles and signaling

    Understand Radio Frames
    & Channels Structure

    Explain RRM (Radio
    Resource management) feature

    Describe E-UTRAN
    Frequency Bands

    Describe Radio
    Interface Protocols

    Describe Radio
    Interface States

    Explain Retransmission
    Mechanism - HARQ

    Describe LTE Mobility,
    Intra-LTE mobility in ECM-CONNECTED and ECM-IDLE modes


    Schedule Table for
    this Course :


    Class Schedule



    Class 1 - 28th

    Class 2 - 29th

    Class 3 - 30th

    Class 4 - 31st

                               Class 5 - 1st



    Training Start
    Date: Mar 28, 2016 (Indian Standard Time)

    • Training Time Slots (Indian
      Standard Time): 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM.






    Our Trainer's

    With more than 10 years of experience in Telecom,
    involving technologies - GSM, Wi-Max, CDMA, EVDO, WCDMA, LTE, Our Esteemed
    Trainer, Mr. Vikramjeet Singh demonstrates:

    Ø  RF expertise in Planning (Greenfield projects, GIS
    Planning, frequency planning, capacity planning), Optimization, Model Tuning,
    CW Drive, Drive Test, Intererence Analysis, 
    Pre/Post drive test data analysis &;

    Ø  Hands-on expertise on RF tools - 3D Maps with Planet 5.2
    & Planet 5.4, Mentum Planet, TEMS, X-CAL & X-CAP scanner, Agilent, LDAT
    3G CDMA 3G1X, Actix, Asset, Mapinfo 11.

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