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Tero Toivanen

Master of Our Online Universe: Progression to Web 3.0 | cyberCulture - 0 views

  • In my opinion, Web 2.0 started with the introduction of the Social Networking Site (SNS) to the Web.
  • We can look back to 2002 and the launch of Friendster to see Web 2.0 in its infancy.
  • “Friendster was the first explicit social networking site in terms of the way we think about it today.”
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  • With the introduction of Friendster the user can now create a digital persona without having any programming knowledge.
  • First was MySpace, which gave users access to their profiles HTML and CSS.
  • This feature to the SNS provided the user the ability to personalize their digital persona, and allowed them to express their individuality.
  • The next step in user control was given by Facebook, when the site allowed users develop and incorporate widgets into their profiles. The SNS Ning goes one step further by combining both the ideas of MySpace and Facebook, Ashlock says, “Giving users the power to construct an authentic identity while providing access to a rich array of Web 2.0 content.”
  • It is my conclusion that it is this focus on fluidly intertwining the Internet with the daily lives of its users that will progress Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Just take a look at the latest advancements in mobile technology and you will see that the user’s ability to be connected has progressed away from the desktop computer.
    • Tero Toivanen
      Progress from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 is user's ability to be connected away from the desktop computer.
    Master of Our Online Universe: Progression to Web 3.0 It is my conclusion that it is this focus on fluidly intertwining the Internet with the daily lives of its users that will progress Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Just take a look at the latest advancements in mobile technology and you will see that the user's ability to be connected has progressed away from the desktop computer.

Arithmetic Progression Formula for Class 10 and Competitive Exams - 0 views

    Arithmetic progression formula class 10 | arithmetic progression sum of first n terms | nth term of AP | Formulas and Properties of AP

Arithmetic Progression Problems with Answers for Competitive Exams - 0 views

    In this session explained about arithmetic progression problems like finding the nth term , sum to first nth terms, finding the number of terms in given sequence. . . . etc.
Martin Burrett - 0 views

    Feel like the day is not long enough and you never get enough done? Welcome to teaching! This site offers a nice visual 'to do' list so you can see the progress, or lack of progress, you are making.
Christine Bushong

Learn Touch Typing Free - TypingClub - 0 views

    100 free activities that begin with the basics and progress in difficulty until you can touch type on your entire keyboard Create a profile to save your progress. Teacher features to set up classes.

The Ummed School - Best CBSE School in Jodhpur - 0 views

    Some Insights of "Beti Bachao Samaorh" Organized at The Ummed School. Girls should be given same platform like those given to boys for growth and progress. Education is one of the core factor which should be taken care of and delivered with the same intent to girls as delivered to boys. The Ummed School is focused on creating a society where children are given education to be a visionary and progressive in which both girls and boys are given equal opportunities to represent themselves.
Martin Burrett

Revision: KS2 SATs Revision Apps - 0 views

    "At the age of 11, in England, pupils sit their SATs papers, assessing their progress mainly in Literacy and Maths (some school also check progression in Science). Although there have been subtle changes to the system over the last few years, many schools, observers, parents and politicians still hold the tests in high esteem, so pressure is placed on pupils to do the best they can."
Deborah Baillesderr

Students Track Progress While Building Class Rapport - Recap - 0 views

    Easy video student response system. I can think of quite a few applications, exit tickets, flipped classroom, student response to reading material,etc. I'll write more next week after trying this.
intermixed intermixed

polo ralph laure pas cher Des - 0 views

Jean-François Bodin. L'alternative électrique .Pour ceux qui souhaitent circuler proprement sans trop solliciter leurs mollets, l'électricité est la solution. Sous une apparence parfois assez simil...

polo ralph laure noir pas cher soldes

started by intermixed intermixed on 24 Jul 14 no follow-up yet
Sussana Martin

Islamic Education: Seeking Knowledge - 2 views

    Human history pre-dates the advent of Islam by about twenty five thousand years. During this long period man made little progress in knowledge and science.
Jeff Johnson

Social Networking: Learning Theory in Action - 0 views

    There has been a lot of recent debate on the benefits of social networking tools and software in education. While there are good points on either side of the debate, there remains the essential difference in theoretical positioning. Most conventional educational environments are "Objectivist" in nature and highly structured in terms of students progress and choice. Social networking essentially requires a less controlled, user-generated environment, which challenges conventional views of the effective "management" of teaching and learning. Therefore, can social networking both as an instructional concept and user skill be integrated into the conventional approaches to teaching and learning? Do the skills developed within a social networking environment have value in the more conventional environments of learning?
Tom Daccord

Publications: SRN LEADS - 0 views

    United States Is Substantially Behind Other Nations in Providing Teacher Professional Development That Improves Student Learning; Report Identifies Practices that Work Nation Making Progress in Ensuring More Teachers Have Deep Content Knowledge and Mentoring But U.S. Teacher Development Lacks Intensity, Follow-up, & Usefulness
J Black

Measuring Up 2008 - 0 views

    Since 2000, the Measuring Up report cards have evaluated the progress of the nation and all 50 states in providing Americans with education and training beyond high school through the bachelor's degree. In their totality, the five editions of the national
Tom Daccord

U6: E-portfolios - Supporting Distance Learners in the 21st Century - 0 views

    Using e-portfolios for assessment The use of computers in distance education creates many opportunities for learners to record their progress through a course. In many institutions, tutors are using e-portfolios as a method of formative or continuous assessment. E-portfolios can be produced and published on the Web using some of the simple tools that were discussed in Unit 4, such as wikis, blogs and Google Docs. In addition, some learners might choose to add multimedia elements such as video or audio recordings, if they have the basic equipment - and the inclination - to do so. As the following illustration by Helen Barret (2007) shows, it is possible to create quite an elaborate, multimedia portfolio system using only freely available tools on the Web.
Tero Toivanen

Pablo Picasso - Bull: a master class on abstract art - 0 views

    Pablo Picasso created 'Bull' around the Christmas of 1945. 'Bull' is a suite of eleven lithographs that have become a master class in how to develop an artwork from the academic to the abstract. In this series of images, all pulled from a single stone, Picasso visually dissects the image of a bull to discover its essential presence through a progressive analysis of its form.
Allison Kipta

The Answer Sheet - Willingham: Why doesn't reading more make us better readers? - 25 views

    "We have supposedly been in the midst of an educational back-to-basics movement since the 1983 release of "A Nation at Risk," a report by a national commission that said American society was in danger of deteriorating because of an eroding public education system. Why, then, have reading scores (as measured by the National Assessment of Educational Progress, a test often called the nation's report card), been flat since 1971? One obvious answer is that even if we're getting back to basics in school, kids read less and less outside of school. Think of all of the new technologies that compete for their time: they have ipods, video games, text messaging, instant messaging, cell phones. Who has time to read? Surprise! Americans read more now than they did in 1980. A lot more, according to an exhaustive study done at the University of California, San Diego."
Judy Robison

Technology in the Middle » Blog Archive » Spanish Blogs - 15 views

    "Speaking and writing in the target language are two fundamental goals of the World Languages Department. To that end, our 5th grade Spanish students maintain a class blog (hosted by MICDS and powered by WordPress MU) where they can showcase their language skills. For their first exercise, each student posted a letter that included an audio recording created using Audacity. These posts will, over time, become a portfolio of the students' progression in Spanish."
David Wetzel

Little Known Ways to Integrate Wikis in Science Class - 0 views

    Wiki pages are always a work in progress. The wiki is like a dynamic online science classroom which continually grows and changes. Applications for the use of Wikis in science classrooms is only limited by the creativeness of the teacher in support science teaching and student earning.
Martin Burrett

Mathopolis - Math Games - 0 views

    A superb place to find games and questions for the whole of the maths curriculum. Join for free to track progress or just play the games.
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