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Roland Gesthuizen

Paperless - How I Teach From The Cloud « Mister Norris - 0 views

  • I use them everyday because they help me to avoid wasting paper, keeping all of my work organized and make my teaching easily accessible from anywhere I am, at any time. And the best part about it is that all of these services are free!
    This school year, I made a conscious decision to go paperless. Last year I carried around my computer to every class, a planner and a pen. I constantly lost the pen or the planner. I used a LOT of paper. On top of that, if I wanted to check when I completed a lesson, I'd have to flick through my planner, find the task then find when I started and fished.
Tom Daccord

TeachPaperless: The Boy Who Cried Tech - 0 views

    Welcome to TeachPaperless. This is a blog meant to help teachers create and maintain Paperless classrooms. In addition, our community regularly posts and comments on all aspects of Paperless, digital, and technological culture as it relates to education.
Tero Toivanen

How One Classroom Actually Used iPads To Go Paperless (Part 1: Research) | Edudemic - 53 views

  • “The technology used really help to enhance the writing and research process. Diigo and the iPads proved to be particularly helpful during the process of researching and annotating. Some minor challenges were presented with the use of this technology (writing with the IPads was a bit more difficult than typing on a computer), but nothing interfered with the process in a negative way. Some of the technology could prove very useful in the future.” 
  • Dropbox - This app allows students to work offline in the Pages app and upload their document to their Dropbox account with each new draft.  Pages does not support direct upload to Dropbox.  As a solution, students linked their Dropbox accounts with SendtoDropbox.
  • One of the earliest steps in the process was to have the students share a folder in their Dropbox account with their teacher in order to allow the teacher to check in on their progress along the way.
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  • Pages - While there are less expensive alternatives for word procession on an iPad, Pages is the most stable option that will consistently be supported and updated for the life of the iPads.
  • Diigo Web Highlighter for Safari - As one of our goals was to take advantage of the web connectivity and social bookmarking, Diigo was a perfect solution.  Once the Diigo app is installed, there is a three step process to install the Safari web highlighter.
  • To access and refer to each other’s research, students had to access Diigo through Safari, not the Diigo app.  The purpose of the collective research group was to have students examine each other’s research and use the resources their classmates found in their final research paper.
  • Notability - Because students would still be conducting traditional paper based research, we needed a solution that would allow them to digitize and share their research.  When students found traditional paper content that was part of their research, they could snap a picture of the document and pull it into Notability.  They could then digitally highlight, underline and insert notes on the document.  Notability will also export directly to Dropbox from within the app.
  • Explain Everything - This step was a late addition to the process and allowed students to create video screencasting feedback of each other’s papers.
  • Students exported a PDF version of their paper from Pages and email it to a classmates SendtoDropbox email address.  This would place the PDF version of the paper into the classmates Dropbox account.  The receiving student could then open ExplainEverything, link to their Dropbox account and use the PDF of their classmates paper as the back drop to the screencast.  To share the video files, we had students publish directly to the teacher’s YouTube channel from ExplainEverything. 
  • the recent update to the Google Drive app that allows for in-app creation, editing and sharing of a Google document absolutely changes the landscape of going completely paperless with iPads.  The clunky workaround of combining Pages, SendtoDropbox and Dropbox in order to get student work shared with the teacher would be much streamlined by conducting the entire process through Google Drive.
  • As an alternative to the process of writing in Pages, collecting research in Diigo and storing documents in Dropbox, I would consider jumping to Evernote to house the entire process.  Writing, researching and sharing could all be conducted within Evernote.
    Great article about how to use iPad:s in projects, with useful tips about apps.
Tero Toivanen

TeachPaperless: What Makes a Great Teacher a Great Teacher in the 21st Century - 0 views

    • Tero Toivanen
      Next step is to move from paperless teaching to the classrooms with no walls.
    When it comes to educational technology, the great teacher isn't the one who merely uses technology in education. The great teacher is the one who experiments and who teaches the spirits within students to experiment. The great teacher doesn't follow the rules. The great teacher doesn't go along with the program. Like a gleeful hacker, the great teacher turns Twitter into a reference library, chat rooms into exit tickets, Skype-casts into global awareness sessions, Wikimedia into a living breathing history of human events, and Pandora into the clothes of sound that wrap around culture and keep us warm on darkest nights.
Ampere Software

Health care Software Development Services - Ampere Software - 0 views

    Electronic Medical Records Software, Medical Software Development: Electronic medical record system speed up the doctor's interaction with the patients, ensures better care for patients. medical practice management software. HIPAA compliant physician software application that simplifies the way patient charts are managed in the doctor's office. We help you develop an easy-to-use yet powerful EMR Software, to go paperless and fully automated. Ampere EMR Software capabilities are vast and works in many different specialties.
moneymindz01 Link submission - 0 views

    The year 2017 is on the brink of finish. the primary few months of this year saw the commoner grappling with changes demonetization brought in. Since it had been introduced within the fag finish of 2016, the economy was still adjusting to the unexpected transition. Cashless, paperless, low-interest rates, GST, RERA, Benaami dealings Act were a couple of crucial money moves/reforms that set the tone for the year 2017.All this and far a lot of player the contours of the year 2017
Sean Tangey

DROPitTOme - Securely receive files from anyone to your Dropbox - 17 views

    useful add-on that turns into an actual dropbox that can be used for students to submit work.
Dimitris Tzouris

The Innovative Educator: A few strong cases for ditching the paper and letting books grow digital wings - 19 views

    "A few strong cases for ditching the paper and letting books grow digital wings"
Bjorn Behrendt

gClassFolders - EdListen-Resources - 0 views

    "Create a paperless classroom by automatically create shared folders for students" in Google
Roland Gesthuizen

My Paperless Classroom: Screencasting for Differentiation - 0 views

    "Screencasting is the ability to record your computer desktop with added audio, and it can be a powerful tool to differentiate instruction and scaffold learning."
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