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Nik Peachey

10 Lessons in Digital Literacy | - 0 views

    10 Lessons in Digital Literacy #clil #infographic #lessonplan #esl #tesol #tefl #edtech
Maggie Verster

Twenty-Five Interesting Ways to use Twitter in the Classroom - 0 views

    A collaborative presentation compiled by teachers. Some snippets of ideas for lessonplans.
Linda Piscione

All About Computers - Discovery Education - 0 views

    lesson plans for 21st Century skills: critical thinking, communication & collaboration, creativity & innovation, and digital citizenship
Colette Cassinelli

S.O.S. for Information Literacy - 0 views

    S.O.S. for Information Literacy is a dynamic web-based multimedia resource that includes lesson plans, handouts, presentations, videos and other resources to enhance the teaching of information literacy. Information literacy skills enable students to effectively locate, organize, evaluate, manage and use information. From Center for Digital Literacy at Syracuse University
Lisa Thumann

School Solutions Standards Toolbox: State Standards and Teacher Tools - 0 views

    Only free to teachers
NSA Library - 1 views

    News for teens/tweens with ability to customize for classes. Blog format with printable student comments. Well-organized, topical, current events of interest to middle/high school. Teacher lounge, with lesson plans, to be added soon.
Maggie Verster

Wiki:Participatory Media Lesson Plans - 0 views

    These are a series of small lesson plans (I call them "labs") I've used as assignments for my students. These pages serve as more permanent reminders of what I show them during the face to face class meeting, as assignments, and as resource pages for further learning. Please feel free to add your own.
Maggie Verster

Learning 2.0 Tutorial for teens - really fab - 0 views

    This tutorial is designed so that you can learn how to use the tools of web 2.0 for your classes or for fun.
    This tutorial is designed so that teens can learn how to use the tools of web 2.0 for their classes or for fun.
Russell D. Jones

Putting Technology in Its Place - Lesson Plans Blog - - 0 views

  • I rarely grade alone. The students rarely do their homework in isolation. The same chatting software that, when mismanaged, give us fits in our classrooms, enables us to collaborate in dynamic ways. Students now continue fiery classroom debates when they get home from school. They now walk each other through difficult readings of “The Odyssey” and “Hamlet” and return to class with stronger understandings
    • Russell D. Jones
      Social Learning
  • it is more crucial that they learn how to sift thoughtfully through increasing amounts of information.
  • The issue now is distinguishing between rich resources and the online collection of surface facts, misinformation, and inexcusable lies that masquerade as the truth. It will be hard for our students to be thoughtful citizens without this ability to discern the useful from the irrelevant. This is especially clear during this election season. If they are never asked to practice dealing with this new onslaught of information, they will have to practice when the stakes are much higher.
    • Russell D. Jones
      Another comment about information literacy and the value of information literacy.
    Using Technology in the classroom and the social learning environment
Melissa Smith

computerlabactivities - home - 1 views

    K-5 Computer Lab Activities
Alfonso Canady

Education World® The Educator's Best Friend - 0 views

    An education resource site
Tom Daccord

SOL K-5 Technology Integration Resources - 0 views

    SOL K-5 Technology Integration Resources
Jean Potter

WTT - We The Teachers - 0 views

    Nice resource - requires account-(free) check out the Periodic Table Powerpoint, standards based gradebook
Samantha Morra

FREE -- Teaching Resources and Lesson Plans from the Federal Government - 0 views

    Teaching and learning resources from Federal Agencies.
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