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Ashford-University ECE 332 Homework and Assignment Help - 1 views

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Tero Toivanen

Why boys will pick Bob over Barbie - children are genetically programmed, say scientists | Mail Online - 0 views

  • Tests involving children as young as three months suggest biological differences and not social pressures dictate which toys children like to play with. The U.S. study looked at babies aged three to eight months - before they can identify even the gender of other people.
  • Researchers placed a doll and truck inside a puppet-theatre style box and showed them to 30 children - 17 boys and 13 girls - for two ten-second intervals.The findings, from researchers at Texas A&M University, overturn conventional wisdom that children's toy preferences are down to social conditioning.
  • For the study, led by Gerianne Alexander, researchers set up a presentation box similar to a puppet theatre and placed a doll and truck inside.
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  • Eye-tracking technology measured how many times and how long the babies focused or 'fixated' on each object.
  • The researchers found that 'girls showed a visual preference for the doll over the toy truck and boys compared to girls showed a greater number of visual fixations on the truck'.
  • It seems unlikely that object interests in infants younger than nine months of age are a result of internal motivation to conform to external referents of gender role behaviour.
  • The study reinforces the findings of previous research by Dr Alexander involving green vervet monkeys. Male monkeys spent more time playing with traditional male toys such as a car and a ball than did female monkeys. The female monkeys, however, spent more time playing with a doll and a pot than did the males. 
    The researchers found that 'girls showed a visual preference for the doll over the toy truck and boys compared to girls showed a greater number of visual fixations on the truck'.
Maggie Verster

'Generation V' Defies Traditional Demographics - 12 views

    "Generation V is not defined by age, gender, social class or geography. Instead, it is based on achievement, accomplishments and an increasing preference for the use of digital media channels to discover information, build knowledge and share insights."
J Black

Transformation 101 - Kevin Carey - 0 views

    Arizona State, for example, recently used this method to transform an introductory women and gender studies course. Florida Gulf Coast University put its "Understanding the Visual and Performing Arts" course completely online. Portland State University fo
Nigel Coutts

Girls in Tech - Reflections from VIVID Ideas - The Learner's Way - 6 views

    Sydney has become a beacon that brings people together and sparks conversations. Most recently the conversation centred on the topic of girls in tech and what might be done to re-dress the gender balance in STEAM subjects and related career pathways. Sponsored by INTEL this Vivid Ideas event drew a mix of entrepreneurs, educators and tech luminaries to the Museum of Contemporary Art on a Saturday afternoon to share their ideas on what might be done.
Peter Horsfield

Roya Mahboob - Free Extraordinary Profiles - 0 views

    Roya Mahboob is the first female IT CEO in Afghanistan, a place where gender discrimination is a way of life. She founded Afghan Citadel Software Company, now a leading service provider. Her way to recognition was not easy and she's grown accustomed to death threats. At 26 years old, Roya has displayed extraordinary resilience.
Peter Horsfield

Valens Ntamushobora - Free Extraordinary Profiles - 0 views

    Valens Ntamushobora is a young student and activist from Rwanda who is most known for founding the Let Us Stay Alive (LUSA) Program initiative, a project that focuses on giving opportunities for young girls who are in misery such as young mothers, out of school, and those living in the streets. A truly devoted individual, Valens has spent a great deal of his time and efforts to ensure two things: gender equality in the community and the welfare of young girls and poor women.
Paul Beaufait

Change Magazine - May/June 2010 - 17 views

    "In this article, I want to go beyond just enrollment numbers to examine key indicators about male experience in college. As I will show, the story about men in higher education doesn't boil down to either "men are in trouble" or "men are fine," as popular debates might suggest. Instead, both assertions have some truth." (Marcus B. Weaver-HIghtower, ¶3, retrieved 2010.05.31) 
Maggie Verster

Study: Girls Are Smarter Than Boys (So Why Aren't There More In STEM?) | Edudemic - 27 views

    This is a fascinating study and infographic by the folks over at They drilled down into some recent studies to unearth some startling data. It focuses on the fact that studies have shown that girls are smarter than boys in many of the STEM subjects but most girls don't end up pursuing careers in those fields.
Roland Gesthuizen

How Tech Savvy Are Today's Dads? [INFOGRAPHIC] - 0 views

    "The blogging, Facebook updating, digitally hip mom has become a domestic trope these days. But what about dads? Statistics show they're catching on too. In fact, in some ways dads may even be more social media savvy than their female parenting counterparts .. "
hyungyul kim

South Korea Elects First Female President (VIDEO) - 0 views

  • The association with her father helped her overcome some deeply held prejudices among male voters.
    • hyungyul kim
      여성 편견 극복
  • a nation with the developed world’s highest level of wage inequality between men and women
  • Park faces not only a threatening presence in North Korea, but also a slew of economic issues, which voters said were of even higher importance than their northern rival.
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