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Nigel Coutts

Why we don't cook frogs slowly and other thoughts on change - The Learner's Way - 5 views

    The frog in the pot of boiling water in An Inconvenient Truth is a cinematic moment that has the desired effect. It is one of the moments from the film that the audience remembers long after the credits roll. I have often thought about how this metaphor applies to change and particularly the way that change operates in schools.
Jean Potter

The Keyword Blog: Kermit the Frog Search Challenge (Information Literacy Games) - 16 views

    Information Literacy Games: Finding Kermit This blog post features a great video of Kermit the frog singing It Ain't Easy Being Green. It follows up with an explanation of a search game that can be used with the whole class in a lab or on an individual workstation. It's part of a free series of online information literacy / information fluency games available from Finding Kermit was the inspiration for one of the first Internet Search Challenges created by Dr. Carl Heine. The task is to track down a picture of Kermit ready for graduation in the least amount of time. The search game is embedded on the page so you can try it without going to the main site. Many teachers use this as a whole class lab activity. Put up a search challenge and then it's off the races! Most of these games were developed for middle and high school students. Adults find them challenging as well.
Krysten Callina

mathFROG - Fun Resources & Online Games - 0 views

    in spite of the annoying frog curser, it has some great math game links
Martin Burrett

Blobs - 0 views

    A logical thinking game where players have to 'leap-frog' blobs in the correct order to make them all disappear.
Martin Burrett

Frog Palace - Place value game - 0 views

    A simple game were players drag bags of money to the correct places to practise place value.
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