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Nigel Coutts

Number Talks for Number Sense - The Learner's Way - 3 views

    "Number Talks" is an approach to the teaching and learning of Number Sense. Rather than relying on the rote-memorisation of isolated number facts achieved through drills of "table-facts", Number Talks aim to build confident, number fluency, where learners recognise patterns within and between numbers and understand the properties of numbers and operations. Number Talks are a "mind on" learning task that engages students in an active learning process as they search for patterns, decompose and recompose numbers and develop a flexible understanding.
ashkif as

Technical Support for Web Applications - 0 views

    Web applications are becoming ever more widely seen in the market, as the rapid growth of the Software as a Service approach. The fact that such applications are available to the entire world 24x7 means that the demands on support can become onerous soon after the launch of a service. Providing round-the-clock support in the Western world is often difficult and expensive to achieve. The cost associated with that can mean that companies simply do not provide it condemning many if their customers ...
Paul Beaufait

The Full Measure of a Teacher: Using value-added to assess effects on student behavior - Education Next : Education Next - 2 views

  • The fact that teacher impacts on behavior are much stronger predictors of their impact on longer-run outcomes than test-score impacts, and that teacher impacts on test scores and those on behavior are largely unrelated, means that the lion’s share of truly excellent teachers—those who improve long-run outcomes—will not be identified using test-score value-added alone
    • Paul Beaufait
      Impact on High-School Success, ¶4
    Jackson, C. Kirabo. (2018). What Do Test Scores Miss? The Importance of Teacher Effects on Non-Test Score Outcomes. Journal of Political Economy, 126(5).
Martin Burrett

All About Explorers - 0 views

    "This is an interesting history site about explorers… except it isn't. If you look at the information it is wildly wrong and the site is designed to teach about fact checking and to show children that not all information on the Internet is trustworthy."

The 10 Best Performing VMware Solution Providers 2018 June2018 - 0 views

    The shift to digital resources has gained particularly strong momentum over the past decade. In fact, it is practically impossible today to find a successful business anywhere that still relies exclusively on paper records.
    The shift to digital resources has gained particularly strong momentum over the past decade. In fact, it is practically impossible today to find a successful business anywhere that still relies exclusively on paper records.

The Ummed School - Best School in Jodhpur - 0 views

    Learning is more than Absorbing facts, It is Acquiring Understanding.

The Ummed School - Best School in jodhpur - 0 views

    GK Fact: The average iceberg weighs around 20,000,000 tonnes.
Martin Burrett

Journey to the Centre of the Earth - 0 views

    "Journey to the centre of the Earth and view the amazing facts about what can be found beneath our feet with this BBC microsite."

How to Rent Your Stuff for Money - - 0 views

    If you have a lot of stuff lying around but aren't too keen on the idea of selling them to someone else, there are other ways for you to profit off of them. If you're comfortable with the fact of renting it out, then this article is for you! Read more

Handbook of Clinical Ayurveda Practice : P.H. Kulkarni, 9788170307105, 8170307104 - 0 views

    "bsolutely comprehensive with a clear and interesting approach.You can learn many more amazing facts about Ayurveda's diet which for years went unresolved and this has actually helped you lot by providing the scientific and traditional view.It offers fabulous insight into one of the oldest medical science of the universe invented in India. Ayurveda doesn't believe ever-changing and replacing organs and rather works on making the overall well-being of complete body system as physical, psychological, economical moreover as the social entity. functioning on the root reason for the illness, it would take the longer time to combat the signs and symptom of the illness and yet it fully and holistically cures the disease from its roots."

Some Interesting Health Facts You Must Know. - 0 views

1. When you are looking at someone you love, your pupils dilate, and they do the same when you are looking at someone you hate. 2. The human head is one-quarter of our total length at birth but on...

health quiz facts

started by puzznbuzzus on 15 Feb 17 no follow-up yet
Weekend Payday Loans

Guide That Explains The Real Facts About Cash Fast Loans! - 0 views

    Able to get instantly rid of your any types of small financial worries!
Nik Peachey

Nik Peachey's Edtech and ELT Newsletter - November 2016 - 0 views

    Welcome to the first November edition of my Edtech and ELT newsletter. In this editions you can find: A discount code for my new ebook Some really interesting articles on how the internet is impacting on truth and fact Some great new apps and tools to encourage students to create their own videos.

Xtra math - 0 views Xtra math is a math fact fluency program to help students master math facts.  Students log in and complete practice problems.Students can recall subtraction, ...

math fluency master facts homework progress

started by mrobe421 on 07 Sep 16 no follow-up yet

loans - 0 views

Please contact: Hello, I turn to all individuals in need for their fact share that I don't get the loan money 5000€ to 2,500,000€ to all persons able to pay an interest rat...

cash loans fast

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Emily Johnson

Wedding Cash Loans No Credit Check - Slightly High Interest Depend On Various Factors! - 0 views

    if you need cash then apply with us
1 Minute Payday Loan

Essential Facts To Consider Before Availing Installment Loans For Bad Credit! - 0 views

    Understanding the above points regarding the installment loans for bad credit help you make the right lending decision after considering your overall situation. So, it is advised to keep above guide in mind to take the informed decision that makes your life better.
Aman Khani

Ideas to Make Your Site Responsive & SEO Friendly in 2016 - 0 views

    Many business owners are aware of the fact that customers today are going online for the purchase of goods and services. It is why the importance of responsive web design (RWD) is much more for the online businesses.

Jobs | Facts | Tech Updates | Movie - CRB Tech Reviews - 0 views

    Profession Opportunities in Clinical Drug Research : The employment market in this field of clinical exploration is in blast. In this way, in the event that you are having the fancied abilities, then you are certain to land a decent position. The point of CRB Tech is precisely this as it is an establishment which gives a preparation program in clinical examination.

Jobs | Facts | Tech Updates | Movie - CRB Tech Reviews - 0 views

    Taking a look at the career prospects in the clinical research domain. Enroll for CRB Tech's training and placement program in clinical research immediately and be industry ready. Your basics will be strong as far as this field is concerned, and this will help in taking your career to a new high.
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