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The 10 Best Performing VMware Solution Providers 2018 June2018 - 0 views

    The shift to digital resources has gained particularly strong momentum over the past decade. In fact, it is practically impossible today to find a successful business anywhere that still relies exclusively on paper records.
    The shift to digital resources has gained particularly strong momentum over the past decade. In fact, it is practically impossible today to find a successful business anywhere that still relies exclusively on paper records.
David Wetzel

How to Create Screencasts for Teaching and Learning Using Jing - 0 views

    Have you ever wanted to create short "how to" video for your students to use for homework, remembering facts, and solving math problems. How often have your students stated, "I could not complete the homework assignment, because I could not remember the steps and no one could help me." Well the answer is to create a screencast or video for posting on your class wiki or blog for students to view at home or anywhere else they have web access.
Maggie Verster

8 easy steps to put even your most reluctant faculty on the pathway to social media mastery. - 43 views

    In spite of the fact that web 2.0-enabled tools and services are supposed to be easy to set up and simple to use, some faculty in higher ed never got that memo. They don't know a tweet from a tag, identify Ning as a four-letter word for "river in China"; and would probably guess that Squidoo is a friend of SpongeBob and Patrick. This guide shares foolproof, unintimidating methods for incorporating social media apps into the classroom-guaranteed to work for even the most squeamish scholar.
Jorge Gonçalves

5 Things to Look for in an Online Master's Program - 10 views

    There was a time when it was acceptable to say no to college and look for a job straight out of high school; then came the time when it was imperative to hold at least one degree in the discipline of your choice; and now is the time when a master's degree is more the norm than the anomaly. Some people choose to go to grad school fresh from their undergraduate degree while others prefer to test out the job market before venturing into the realm of master's degrees. It's the latter kind who prefer to study online because of the various advantages that this form of education offers, not the least of which is the fact that they don't have to stop working in order to continue learning.
Danny Nicholson

Free access to - 0 views

    If you're a Web publisher-a blogger, webmaster, or writer-you can get complimentary access to the complete Encyclopædia Britannica online. It's a rich trove of reliable and high-quality information that you can use to check quick facts, research topics in depth, or just read to enjoy.
Robbi McKenney

American President: Resource on the U.S. Presidents - 0 views

    Nice presidential archive, includes speeches in text, audio and video
    facts and also presidential recordings and transcripts
Lisa Reas

Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view. - - 2 views

    Wonderful statistics!
    Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view.
Frances DiDavide

Maps of War ::: Visual History of War, Religion, and Government - 1 views

    I hope this site helps you place today's current events into a greater historical context. Each map is well-researched and based in fact, and none of the work is meant to be biased or political. No spin or opinion, just fact-based conclusions about the history of war. Maps-of-War is created by a Flash-Designer hobbyist and professional history- buff. Enjoy your visit and feel free to save or share our work for your own use!
Linda McNeil

Really expensive cat - 0 views

    As a cat lover and mac geek, I found this very humorous. In fact I have lived through such antics with my Tonkinese
J Black

Study: 80% of Web Surfers Concerned About Online Privacy - ReadWriteWeb - 0 views

    According to a recent study by Burst Media, a majority of web users are aware of the fact that a lot of websites and ISPs track, collect, and share information about their online activities. Over 80% of all respondents indicated that they were concerned about online privacy in general, but interestingly, only about half of all respondents under 24 thought that websites collect non-personally identifiable information.
J Black

How to Reach Baby Boomers with Social Media - ReadWriteWeb - 0 views

    Note** Would be interesting for school districts to analyze their percentage of boomers (older and younger) and corresponds their technology training to these new demographics/usage. A new report from Forrester Research revealed some surprising information: apparently Baby Boomers aren't exactly the technology Luddites that people think they are. In fact, more than 60 percent of those in this generational group actively consume socially created content like blogs, videos, podcasts, and forums. What's more, the percentage of those participating is on the rise.
Ebey Soman

YouTube - Social Strife is cause of Violence in Orissa? - 0 views

    Are the reasons for Violence in Orissa rooted in the fact that Christian communities are supporting its believers financially and economically (with jobs, ed...
Anne Bubnic

A quarter million teachers to get free wikis - 0 views

    A San Francisco wiki services provider has just finished a multiyear project under which it gave teachers all over the world 100,000 free wikis. And now, it is doubling up and getting set to give away another quarter million. The company, Wikispaces, decided in 2006 that it would make helping teachers use the collaborative software to further cooperation between students, both in their own schools and with schools in other cities and countries, a cornerstone of its business. But while Wikispaces hasn't made any money directly from the project--and in fact has incurred significant costs due to supporting the teachers' use of the wikis--co-founder Adam Frey said the company has found that the educators are just the kind of evangelists that can aid a start-up in building a business.
Tom Daccord

Our Twitter Video Used in Mainstream Media - Thoughts? | Common Craft - Explanations In Plain English - 0 views

    For the first time in Common Craft's evolution, one of our videos "Twitter in Plain English" is being used in the mainstream media. For the most part, we're excited to have our work in front of millions. However, it brings up some questions and we're curious what you think. A few facts: * The video "Twitter in Plain English" is 100% Common Craft's property and is licensed with a Creative Commons non-commercial, no-derivatives license. * Our names and a link to our web site appear at the end of the video * The video is currently displayed from a link on the front page of * Of the 5-6 media companies to use the video so far (examples below), only ABC contacted us first. * Of the 5-6 media companies to use the video so far, only ABC has attributed Common Craft as the source. * Snippets of the video are being used and sometimes the camera points at the video displayed at
Kerry J

Half an Hour: An Operating System for the Mind - 0 views

    A look at the relationship between facts and 21st Century skills - insightful, well written, well worth a read!
Vahid Masrour

I, Cringely » Blog Archive » Burn Baby Burn - Cringely on technology - 0 views

    with a little sentence on KM (about insight that links facts to knowledge in Cringely's mind).
Sussana Martin

Brotherhood in Islam « Muslim Dunia's Blog - 0 views

    The importance of brotherhood in Islam can not be over stressed. There are many Qur'anic verses and hadiths relating to the fact the Muslims are a single united body, each part responsible for the other.
    I do not see how these links belong in the Classroom 2.0 group. why not create your own group or list.
jodi tompkins

Glossopedia Home - 0 views

    This site is designed especially with the young learner in mind with its age-appropriate content and emphasis on visual and auditory learning. Glossopedia is the kind of site that you can leave open for students to explore and find a fast fact of the day, find their favorite image, or video Glossopedia Categories Geography and Places Nature and the Environment Technology Animals Earth and Space People and Cultures Human Body Chemistry Natural Forces This site is simple and visually pleasing. The font size is great for young learners. Words are hyperlinked to an audio pronunciation that is a real person, speaking really slowly at first then more quickly, and finally the written meaning of the word. Images and photos have a print button prominently displayed.
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