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Nigel Coutts

The Eight Cultural Forces - The lens & the lever - The Learner's Way - 1 views

    This unavoidable and irreducible complexity means that schools are challenging place to study, to understand and to manage change within. Even for the teacher who spends everyday inside the school there is so much going on that unguided observations and the plans based upon them come with no guarantee of success. - We need a lens and a lever to manage this complexity. -  Such a lens is offered by the 'cultural forces'.
Steve Ransom

Digital Literacy | Common Sense Media - 0 views

    June 2009 Report by CommonSenseMedia "Digital Literacy and Citizenship in the 21st Century: Educating, Empowering, and Protecting America's Kids," proposes eight key initiatives to develop a national digital literacy program and integrate it into our educational curriculum. This white paper is meant to be a "living document" and will be updated on a regular basis.
Jim Farmer

Inanimate Alice - 0 views

    'Inanimate Alice' tells the story of Alice, a young girl growing up in the first half of the 21st century, and her imaginary digital friend, Brad. Over ten episodes, each a self contained story, we see Alice grow from an eight year old living with her parents in a remote region of Northern China to a talented mid-twenties animator and designer with the biggest games company in the world.
Danny Nicholson

What happens when you give a class of 8 year olds an iPod touch each? - 0 views

    The 7 minute movie was filmed at Burnt Oak Junior School in the U.K. Eight-year olds there have been using a class set of iPod touches for a couple weeks. The video interviews the class teacher, headteacher, and students about the experience.
irshad ali

I'll restore British pride by beating Andre Ward, says Carl Froch ~ Daily World News - 0 views

    Carl Froch is aiming to restore British pride when he fights American Andre Ward in the final of the Super Six tournament in Atlantic City. In the past 12 months, British boxers have lost nine world title fights and won only two. "We're due a win, aren't we?" Froch, 34, said. "If you're a roulette table, eventually a red will come in. We've had eight blacks on the spin. "I want to put us back on the world map. We can't be a nation of losers." He added: "I have to bite down on to my gum-shield even harder because I've got to restore Britain's pride." Amir Khan, Matthew Hatton, Ryan Rhodes, John Murray, Brian Magee, Matthew Macklin, David Haye and Darren Barker have all lost fights abroad this year
Ehsan Ullah

Real Madrid Beat Zaragoza by 3-1 - 0 views

    Real Madrid defeated Zaragoza by 3-1 on this Sunday and move eight points clear at the top of La Liga, ahead of second-placed Barcelona's game away to Villarreal.
Berylaube 00

Community Club Home Listen and Read - Non-fiction Read Along Activities Scholastic - 0 views

    From Richard Byrne Free Technology for teacher, quoted below:Listen and Read - Non-fiction Read Along Activities Listen and Read is a set of 54 non-fiction stories from Scholastic for K-2 students. The stories are feature pictures and short passages of text that students can read on their own or have read to them by each story's narrator. The collection of stories is divided into eight categories: social studies, science, plants and flowers, environmental stories, civics and government, animals, American history, and community. Applications for Education Listen and Read looks to be a great resource for social studies lessons and reading practice in general. At the end of each book there is a short review of the new words that students were introduced to in the book. Students can hear these words pronounced as many times as they like. Listen and Read books worked on my computer and on my Android tablet. Scholastic implies that the books also work on iPads and IWBs"
Nigel Coutts

Learning vs Work in a Culture of Thinking - The Learner's Way - 10 views

    Earlier this year a group of teachers I work with explored the 'Eight Cultural Forces' identified by Ron Ritchhart of Harvard's Project Zero. In doing so we decided to focus on our use of the term learning instead of the word work. Our goal was to bring our language choices into the spotlight and explore how a more deliberate focus on learning might alter the culture of our classrooms. Two terms later this focus persists and it is worth reflecting on the effect that this has had.
Peter Horsfield

Maya Penn - Extraordinary People Changing the Game - 0 views

    Maya Shea Penn is the CEO of her very own business, Maya's Ideas, at age eight. Her company makes hand-crafted scarves, headbands, tee-shirts, and accessories. Not only are they fabulous, they are all eco-friendly. As young as she seems, Maya has a profound understanding of her responsibility as a steward of the Earth. Maya's Ideas 4 The Planet is a non-profit organization she set up that's geared towards caring for the planet. Aside from being an entrepreneur, Maya is a published writer, an animator, a speaker, a designer, an illustrator, an artist, a philanthropist, and an inspiration. To read more about Maya Penn visit
Peter Horsfield

Peyton Robertson - Extraordinary People Changing the Game - 0 views

    Peyton Robertson began inventing at the age of eight. He's been brought up by his parents to think of solutions to problems rather than complain about them. By the time he turned 12 years old, Peyton has won first place in Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge for inventing Sandless Operational Sandbag (SOS). His invention is a lot lighter than conventional sandbags, more intuitively designed to avoid seawater or floodwater from seeping in, and 100% reusable. Once totally dried after use, the SOS can just be stored for future flood emergencies. To read more about Peyton Robertson visit
Nigel Coutts

Personal Passion Project - Reflections After Eight Years - 22 views

    For the past eight years students in Year Six at Redlands have participated in a Personal Passion Project during Term Four. It is a way to finish their time in Junior School with a project that connects their passion with all they have learned about managing inquiry/design based projects to that point.
Dennis OConnor

When YouTube is blocked (eight ways around) - NeverEndingSearch - Blog on School Library Journal - 0 views

  • I myself am a long-time sufferer of YouTube-block (despite my understanding of my District's motivations) and I have developed a variety of strategies for treating the condition. I have seven suggestions:
  • Kiersten, one of my very favorite students, discovered a strategy for including YouTube (and other Flash) videos in PowerPoint presentations and along the way introduced me to Wikihow. (That site is worthy of its own post for sure!).  Anyway, the seniors are having great success adding videos directly into their PowerPoints. It's gone kinda viral as an alternate to linking or to downloading and converting videos to WMVs using Zamzar.
J Black

NZ Interface Magazine :: Eight habits of highly effective 21st century teachers - 0 views

    What are the characteristics we would expect to see in a successful 21st century educator? Well, we know they are student-centric, holistic, and they're teaching about how to learn as much as teaching about the subject area. We know, too, that they must b
Tero Toivanen

Why boys will pick Bob over Barbie - children are genetically programmed, say scientists | Mail Online - 0 views

  • Tests involving children as young as three months suggest biological differences and not social pressures dictate which toys children like to play with. The U.S. study looked at babies aged three to eight months - before they can identify even the gender of other people.
  • Researchers placed a doll and truck inside a puppet-theatre style box and showed them to 30 children - 17 boys and 13 girls - for two ten-second intervals.The findings, from researchers at Texas A&M University, overturn conventional wisdom that children's toy preferences are down to social conditioning.
  • For the study, led by Gerianne Alexander, researchers set up a presentation box similar to a puppet theatre and placed a doll and truck inside.
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  • Eye-tracking technology measured how many times and how long the babies focused or 'fixated' on each object.
  • The researchers found that 'girls showed a visual preference for the doll over the toy truck and boys compared to girls showed a greater number of visual fixations on the truck'.
  • It seems unlikely that object interests in infants younger than nine months of age are a result of internal motivation to conform to external referents of gender role behaviour.
  • The study reinforces the findings of previous research by Dr Alexander involving green vervet monkeys. Male monkeys spent more time playing with traditional male toys such as a car and a ball than did female monkeys. The female monkeys, however, spent more time playing with a doll and a pot than did the males. 
    The researchers found that 'girls showed a visual preference for the doll over the toy truck and boys compared to girls showed a greater number of visual fixations on the truck'.
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