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Jorge Acosta

Serpentine-Edge Map Marathon Gallery - 0 views

    "Three years ago, Edge collaborated with The Serpentine Gallery in London in a program of "table-top experiments" as part of the Serpentine's Experiment Marathon . This live event was featured along with the Edge/Serpentine collaboration: "What Is Your Formula? Your Equation? Your Algorithm? Formulae For the 21st Century." Hans Ulrich Obrist, curator of the Serpentine, invited Edge to collaborate in his latest project, The Serpentine Map Marathon, produced in conjunction with DLD (Digital - Life - Design) Saturday and Sunday, 16 - 17 October, at Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR (Map). The multi-dimensional Map Marathon features non-stop live presentations by over 50 artists, poets, writers, philosophers, scholars, musicians, architects, designers and scientists. The two-day event takes place in London during Frieze Art Fair week."

Lenovo ZUK Edge with 5.5 inch full HD display and 6GB of RAM expected to announced soon - Gadgets World - 0 views

    Lenovo's online brand ZUK to be announced its new android smartphone ZUK Edge soon.

Lenovo ZUK Edge Official announced with 5.5-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 821, 6GB RAM - Gadgets World - 0 views

    Lenovo's online only brand ZUK today launched its most anticipated and concept smartphone ZUK Edge in China.

Vivo XPlay 5 announced with 5.43-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 820, 6GB of RAM - 0 views

    Vivo XPlay 5 will equipped with Snapdragon 820 Soc, 6GB of RAM and Edge to Edge display will be launch on March 1st. The Vivo XPlay 5 a beautiful design flagship smartphone with a powerful specs will be launch on March 1st this year. The phone has a border less design, with the Edge curved… Read More »
Tammy Jin

Rubber Bangle JBA384 fashion wholesale | Wholesale $ 6.80 - Steel Bangle - 0 views

    Cool and fashion unique design of stainless steel Rubber Bangle JBA384 fashion wholesale, you as a young fashion leader, how could you miss this unique Rubber Bangle JBA384 fashion wholesale . Rubber Bangle JBA384 fashion wholesale features a brushed finish in the raised center and a polished finish on the edges. Crafted of cobalt-free tungsten carbide, Wholesale Steel jewelry will off you the best jewelry which has beveled edges for a comfortable fit. Rubber Bangle JBA384 fashion wholesale features a simple bullet design with goldplated center. The stainless steel necklace includes a ball chain.
Ihering Alcoforado

Mind, Brain, & Education - 1 views

    Solution Tree, a leading educational professional development company, has released Mind, Brain, & Education, a new book that explores neuroscience's implications for improving teaching and education.Mind, Brain, & Education is a landmark publication in the emerging field of educational neuroscience. The book showcases insights into the learning process and explores its implications for educational theory and practice. With an introduction and chapter by David A. Sousa, one of the primary researchers in the field, and chapters by 16 leading experts, Mind, Brain, & Education provides a comprehensive overview of the history and current research being conducted in this emerging field.The researchers who contribute to the volume use the growing knowledge of how the brain functions and develops to explore the field's implications for pedagogy and the classroom. "It's an excellent, timely, informative book on the history and current status of the field that has come to be known as educational neuroscience," said Robert Sylwester, emeritus professor of education at the University of Oregon. "The 10 chapters that constitute the heart of the book were written by a wonderful mix of outstanding researchers and educators, from Michael I. Posner, a renowned pioneer in the use of neuroimaging technology in psychology/education and the recipient of the 2009 National Medal of Science, to Judy Willis, who left a career as a neurologist to become an elementary/middle school teacher." Mind, Brain, & Education is the sixth book in the Leading edge™ series. The Leading edge™ series unites education authorities from around the globe and asks them to confront the important issues that affect teachers and administrators-the issues that profoundly impact student success

Docurama - the best in Documentary Film - Cutting Edge Documentaries on DVD - 0 views

    Docurama is the first and only video label dedicated exclusively to critically acclaimed and cutting-edge documentaries. Docurama unites both new and classic docs.
Nigel Coutts

Curiosity as the edge of knowledge phenomenon that drives learning - The Learner's Way - 2 views

    We are driven by curiosity. It is an innately human quality that has driven us to explore, ask questions, investigate, wonder why and search for a deeper understanding. In a very fundamental way curiosity is the driver of all self-directed learning. It is our desire to find out more, unlock new knowledge and answer our questions (big ones and little ones) that compels us to learn. Sir Ken Robinson famously and provocatively asked "Do Schools Kill Creativity?". The same question might be asked about curiosity.
Philippe Scheimann

Edge Conference 2009: Inspiration and Innovation in Teaching and Teacher Education - 10 views

    list of papers + possiblity to download them
Bill Graziadei, Ph.D. (aka Dr. G)

Innovate: Rhizomatic Education: Community as Curriculum - 0 views

    The pace of technological change has challenged historical notions of what counts as knowledge. Dave Cormier describes an alternative to the traditional notion of knowledge. In place of the expert-centered pedagogical planning and publishing cycle, Cormier suggests a rhizomatic model of learning. In the rhizomatic model, knowledge is negotiated, and the learning experience is a social as well as a personal knowledge creation process with mutable goals and constantly negotiated premises. The rhizome metaphor, which represents a critical leap in coping with the loss of a canon against which to compare, judge, and value knowledge, may be particularly apt as a model for disciplines on the bleeding edge where the canon is fluid and knowledge is a moving target.
Danny Nicholson

Building Blogs | Teachers TV - 1 views

    Learn how blogging, video conferencing and computer technology can be used simply and effectively as teaching and learning aids in the classroom. In this programme, students from Acton High School in west London are motivated into journalistic action as they create the Newszine blog for the enjoyment of their peers. Ealing City Learning Centre facilitates the students' use of cutting edge technology to drive understanding of subject matter, independent learning and critical thinking.
Jeff Johnson

The Webcast Academy | Collaborative Learning Community for Webcasters - 0 views

  • Class of 3.1 Now getting underway Interested in participating? Register  at and introduce yourself here Then, head over to our Moodle at to enroll in Webcasting 101
    Learn how to webcast!
    I need to try this
    The Webcast Academy  is a hands on, collaborative training center for people interested in learning how to produce and host live, interactive webcasts. We are currently between sessions, but if you're interested in participating in the future, you can register,  introduce yourself here , & Take the first steps   We are currently in the middle of a site upgrade, so things may not work or look quite right for a little while.
Carlos Quintero

Cbox · About · Free Tagboard and Chat Widget for your Site - 0 views

    Get a Cbox tagboard for your website or blog and let your visitors leave you messages or chat with each other. Getting started couldn't be easier - sign up, get your code, and start chatting! Cbox gives your website an edge over the rest. It attracts visitors and keeps them coming back for more. It gives people with common interests a place to meet and chat - right on your own website!
Joe Dixon

FREE TeqSmart SMART Board Learning Object - 0 views

    This interactive U.S. map can display customized Electoral College results. State abbreviations and the number of electoral votes can be toggled on or off for each state. Electoral votes are automatically tallied. and displayed. TeqSmart is a professional development group committed to providing quality teacher training on todays cutting edge instructional technology tools. For questions or comments regarding this product please email us at, or visit our websites:
Judy Robison

Online University Reviews : 100 Most Inspiring and Innovative Blogs for Educators - 2 views

    "Whether you work at elementary schools or online colleges, you will find that being a teacher is a difficult and often thankless job. Between lesson plans, unengaged students, and new emerging technologies, teachers need help now more than ever. Luckily, there are a few resources out there for educators looking for tips, empathy, and inspiration. Blogs are a great way for teachers to connect with other great teachers around the world, find advice and inspiration, and learn new, cutting-edge teaching strategies. By visiting the 100 blogs below, you will find answers to all of your questions, as well as valuable teaching resources."
Dennis OConnor

Viewing Feed (Subscribe to the Greenroom) - 0 views

    Here's a way to subscribe to the Learning Times Greenroom. This is one of the very best produced ed-tech podcasts I've listened to. Professional production values, fascinating topics, and professional production standards. Stay on the cutting edge of web 2.0 by listening to Susan Manning and Dan Balzer!
John Larkin

Media Lab creates Center for Future Storytelling - MIT News Office - 0 views

    The MIT Media Lab and Plymouth Rock Studios will collaborate to revolutionize how we tell our stories, from major motion pictures to peer-to-peer multimedia sharing. By applying leading-edge technologies to make stories more interactive, improvisational and social, researchers will seek to transform audiences into active participants in the storytelling process, bridging the real and virtual worlds, and allowing everyone to make their own unique stories with user-generated content on the Web.
Kathleen N

- Iron Teacher - 0 views

    Iron Teacher is a contest based on fun but with serious intent; bringing together cutting edge educators with sharp ideas to infuse new life into traditional lesson design. We aim to revolutionize the way teachers look at teaching and learning through the use of innovative methods and unconventional ideas. Basic Premise: Like Iron Chef, participants are presented with key "ingredients" and required to come up with a final product that is judged on Originality, Adaptability, Student Appeal, and Ability to Meet Outcome. The Iron Teacher goal is two-fold: 1. To help teachers discover new strategies, ideas, or tools that will get their students to care, communicate and create something of value around the curriculum. 2. To help articulate the lesson design and creative brainstorming process used by master educators.
Philippe Scheimann

NodeXL: Network Overview, Discovery and Exploration for Excel - 9 views

  • NodeXL is a template for Excel 2007 that lets you enter a network edge list, click a button, and see the network graph, all in the Excel window. You can easily customize the graph’s appearance; zoom, scale and pan the graph; dynamically filter vertices and edges; alter the graph’s layout; find clusters of related vertices; and calculate a set of graph metrics. Networks can be imported from and exported to a variety of data formats, and built-in connections for getting networks from Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and your local email are provided.
    might be interesting to see what;s going on in the classroom
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