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Jack SEO

Kawasaki Disease - 0 views

    Kawasaki Disease

SciDoc - Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology - IJCPT - 0 views

    International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology (IJCPT) ISSN:2167-910X aims to develop coherent means to modify drug therapy, with respect to the patients genotype, and to ensure maximum efficiency with minimal contrary effects. Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology is the all-encompassing and becoming an increasingly important discipline for the identification of disease targets and drug designing with their toxicological effects and means to eradicate diseases.
Moses Akinmuyiwa

Why do people suffer from poverty and disease? - 0 views

    It is the right of every human being to be happy. Happiness is the normal condition, as natural as the landscapes and the seasons. Suffering is unnatural and it is due largely to ignorance. Happiness is the product of wisdom. To attain perfect wisdom, to comprehend fully the purpose of life, to realize completely the relationship of human beings to each other, is to put an end to all suffering and to escape most ill. Perfect wisdom is an un-shadowed joy.

asbesto attorneys, claims, contractors, lawyers and information - 0 views

    Information and resources about asbestos litigation, cancer, testing, removal, lawyers, mesothelioma settlement, asbestos exposure, management, asbestos lung cancer, asbestos abatement, disease, survey, contractor, siding, claim, poisoning and much more.

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Ronald ALLAN

United Laws of Physics Make More Accurate Predictions: Discovery News - 0 views

    Australian researchers have found a way to unite two laws of physics, which will lead to more reliable predictions of everything from disease spread to internet traffic.
Mary Ann Apple

HealthMap | Global disease alert map - 0 views

waqas ahmad khizri

Is Ganodarma Natural Gift for humanity? ~ Reishi Life - 0 views

    Use of herbs and herbal therapies has been an integral part of the Asian life and culture from time immemorial. China, India and Japan have their distinct herbal therapies, which have been used to prevent and cure many ailments and disease.
Ebey Soman

Medical Benefits of Garlic via Gomestic - 2 views

    Garlic has formidable medicinal uses and in recent years garlic health benefits have been the object of scientific research. In traditional medicine, it has been reputed as a cure for all diseases imaginable. Listed below are some health benefits for Garlic, proper dose and what to look out for when you buy Garlic supplements at the store.
Peter Horsfield

Mackenzie Bearup - Extraordinary People Changing the Game - 0 views

    Mackenzie Bearup may seem unfortunate for having been diagnosed to have an incurable disease known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. She, however, did not let this disability keep her from doing extraordinary things, like providing kids with distraction to help them cope with their emotional distress and physical pain. After discovering how books made her feel better despite the pain, she started a book drive that is now known as Sheltering Books. She just turned 18, so we could expect more good deeds from this lovely young lady who's in pain yet still managed to think of others. To read more about Mackenzie Bearup visit
Peter Horsfield

Brittany Wenger - Extraordinary People Changing the Game - 0 views

    Meet Brittany Wenger, a young inventor, computer programmer and scientist from Ohio who is most known for making Cloud4Cancer, an artificial intelligence software that is designed to detect breast cancer and leukemia at the least invasive and best way possible. Originally starting out as a science project after Brittany's cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer, Cloud4Cancer has now grown to becoming a future potential choice in diagnosing diseases such as this. To read more about Brittany Wenger visit
Peter Horsfield

Extraordinary People - Mark Hyman - 0 views

    Mark Hyman is a professional doctor who is known for his take at treating diseases. He coined "diabesity" to refer to the most common illness of people in this processed food generation. Dr. Hyman is one of the most respected health gurus of today having founded The UltraWellness Center that introduces liberal and unconventional approach towards healing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. His books were mostly bestsellers and his Daniel Plan, a project he did with Saddleback Church's Rick Warren, became so successful that it was adopted by many organizations thereby validating his genius in the health department.
Peter Horsfield

Dean Ornish - Extraordinary People Changing the Game - 0 views

    Meet the extraordinary physician, biological researcher, author and professor who is most popular for founding and leading the Preventive Medicine Research Institute, a non-profit organization that is responsible for studying and researching more efficient methods of treating various diseases, Dr. Dean Ornish. "I think we can make a difference by taking a coordinated approach". To read more about Dean Ornish visit

Mesothelioma Symptoms - 0 views

    Mesothelioma is one kind of cancer disease. In initial stage it show very few symptoms that's why it harder to detect this disease. But in late stage symptoms if we detect it then also we are very much late to save our life, because in that time in many cases this is out of reach for the right treatment.

Journal of Diabetology & Vascular Disease Research - 0 views

International Journal of Diabetology & Vascular\nDisease Research (IJDVR) \nis a peer-reviewed and an Open Access journal. This journal mainly focuses on\nthe advancements made in the fiel...

Diabetology Vascular Disease

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Disability Loans

Loans for Disabled People-Disability No More... - 0 views

    Loans for Disabled People-Disability No More Hurdle for Getting Fiscal Aid Disability can be of mental or physical that most people face by birth and due to some disease or accident. In such...

Handbook of Clinical Ayurveda Practice : P.H. Kulkarni, 9788170307105, 8170307104 - 0 views

    "bsolutely comprehensive with a clear and interesting approach.You can learn many more amazing facts about Ayurveda's diet which for years went unresolved and this has actually helped you lot by providing the scientific and traditional view.It offers fabulous insight into one of the oldest medical science of the universe invented in India. Ayurveda doesn't believe ever-changing and replacing organs and rather works on making the overall well-being of complete body system as physical, psychological, economical moreover as the social entity. functioning on the root reason for the illness, it would take the longer time to combat the signs and symptom of the illness and yet it fully and holistically cures the disease from its roots."

Ayurvedic Cooking for Self-Healing : Usha Lad, Vasant Lad, 9788120820234, 8120820231 - 0 views

    "Ayurveda doesn't believe ever-changing and replacing organs and rather works on making the overall well-being of complete body system as physical, psychological, economical moreover as the social entity. functioning on the root reason for the illness, it would take the longer time to combat the signs and symptom of the illness and yet it fully and holistically cures the disease from its roots.  You can buy best Ayurveda books online at BooksMela affordable Online bookstore in India. You can search any Ayurvedic books here by Book's Title, Book's Author and even by Book's ISBN."
James OReilly

Versatile, Immersive, Creative and Dynamic Virtual 3-D Healthcare Learning Environments: A Review of the Literature | Hansen | Journal of Medical Internet Research - 0 views

shared by James OReilly on 13 Dec 08 - Cached
  • Virtual 3-D Healthcare Learning Environments
  • The author provides a critical overview of three-dimensional (3-D) virtual worlds and “serious gaming” that are currently being developed and used in healthcare professional education and medicine.
  • Roger’s Diffusion of Innovations Theory
  • ...32 more annotations...
  • Siemens’ Connectivism Theory
  • accelerating momentum
  • there are some fundamental questions which remain unanswered.
  • it is beneficial to address while the race to adopt and implement highly engaging Web 3-D virtual worlds is watched in healthcare professional education
  • Therefore, Roger’s Diffusion of Innovations Theory [5] and Siemens’ Connectivism Theory [6] for today’s learners will serve as theoretical frameworks for this paper.
  • A 3-D virtual world, also known as a Massively Multiplayer Virtual World (MMVW), is an example of a Web 2.0/Web 3-D dynamic computer-based application.
  • applications that enable social publishing, such as blogs and wikis
  • the most popular virtual world used by the general public is Linden Lab’s Second Life (SL)
  • Who would imagine attending medical school in a virtual world?
  • US agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health conduct meetings in SL to discuss the educational potential of SL
  • virtual medical universities exist all over the world
  • The term “avatar” is an old Sanskrit word portraying a deity which takes on a human shape
  • Trauma Center
  • Virtual worlds are currently being used as educational spaces [1] and continue to grow in popularity on campuses and businesses worldwide. Furthermore, access to versions of virtual worlds on the Web, such as “Croquet,” “Uni-Verse,” and “Multiverse” are predicted within two to three years to be mainstream in education
  • there are reported advantages to having students engage in these emerging technologies
  • By allowing students time to interact with other avatars (eg, patients, staff members, and other healthcare professionals) in a safe, simulated environment, a decrease in student anxiety, an increase in competency in learning a new skill, and encouragement to cooperate and collaborate, as well as resolve conflicts, is possible.
  • High quality 3-D entertainment that is freely accessible via Web browsing facilitates engagement opportunities with individuals or groups of people in an authentic manner that illustrates collective intelligence
  • Advanced Learning and Immersive Virtual Environment (ALIVE) at the University of Southern Queensland
  • health information island
  • Problem-based learning groups enrolled in a clinical management course at Coventry University meet in SL and are employed to build learning facilities for the next semester of SL students. This management course teaches students to manage healthcare facilities and is reported to be the first healthcare-related class to use SL as a learning environment.
  • Another example of a medical school using SL is St. George’s Medical School in London.
  • Stanford University medical school
  • Another virtual world project developed by staff at the Imperial College in London, in collaboration with the National Physical Lab in the United Kingdom, is the Second Health Project
  • Mesko [35] presents the top 10 virtual medical sites in SL.
  • The development and use of 3-D virtual worlds in nursing education is increasing.
  • Some educators may balk at adopting this technology because there is a learning curve associated with the use of 3-D virtual worlds.
  • Let’s have fun, explore these fascinating worlds and games, and network with others while respecting diverse ways of life-long learning and current researchers’ findings.
  • there is an underlying push in higher education to adopt these collaborative tools and shift the paradigm from a traditional Socratic method of education to one possessing a more active and interactive nature
  • One may view online virtual worlds and serious gaming as a threat to the adoption and purchase of high-fidelity computerized patient-simulation mannequins that are currently purchased for healthcare-profession training. For example, nurses may login into SL and learn Advanced Cardiac Life Support at their convenience, and it costs virtually nothing for the nurse and perhaps a nominal fee for the developer.
  • The educational opportunity in SL may not be a replacement for the doctor- or nurse-patient interaction or relationship, but SL may serve as an adjunct or pre- or post-learning tool.
  • one recalls when critics questioned the validity and reliability of the stethoscope invented by Laennec in 1816 and how today it is second nature to use this assessment tool.
  • 2006 health fair
Ebey Soman

Poisons in The Well: Exposure, Health Effects and Remediation of Arsenic and Manganese in Bangladesh - 0 views

    In 2005, New York Times published an article titled "The Lethal Water Wells of Bangladesh" by David Rohde and this raised the interests of Dr. Graziano and his team to investigate the arsenic poisoning in the Bangladeshi wells that World Health Organization called the "largest mass poisoning of a population in history."
Ebey Soman

HIV and AIDS in Russia - 0 views

    With a dwindling population and an out of control HIV infection rate in Russia, the future looks bleak. Estimates place Russia on the forefront of the battle against HIV and in a worse position than Africa. Largely ignored by the media and the government, HIV has become the rapidly spreading epidemic in Russia, especially among the youth who are supposed to be future of the country.
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