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john sega

Reliable Desktop Computer Support Service - 1 views

We all know that a computer offers us a lot of benefits. That is why, it is always essential for us to keep our PC in good condition at all times. Unfortunately, I have experienced desktop problems...

Support computer tech pc Technical desktop

started by john sega on 13 Oct 11 no follow-up yet
sanjay rajure

How to remove Desktop Security 2010 - 0 views

    How to remove a rogue program named Desktop Security 2010. It creates files Desktop Security 2010.exe, securitycenter.exe, securityhelper.exe
Maria Babae

Complete Support for Desktop Computers - 1 views

We offer complete desktop computer support that includes: * Computer optimization * Computer check-up * Computer security enhancements Plus, we have more to offer with our complete desktop comput...

desktop computer support PC hardware

started by Maria Babae on 10 Aug 11 no follow-up yet
Desktop Computer Support

Desktop Computer Support Gets Rid of Viruses - 5 views

One day, the computers at my small book shop suddenly went crazy. It displays weird characters on the screen and then shut down instantly. I could not do anything about it except to call my trusted...

computer virus support

started by Desktop Computer Support on 01 Aug 11 no follow-up yet
Martin Burrett

nSpaces - 0 views

    This is a great downloadable application that give you up to 4 desktops on your computer for different activities and tasks. Have one for children and one for teachers. Switch with a keyboard hotkey and you can even set a password to keep your desktop private.
Tero Toivanen

Master of Our Online Universe: Progression to Web 3.0 | cyberCulture - 0 views

  • In my opinion, Web 2.0 started with the introduction of the Social Networking Site (SNS) to the Web.
  • We can look back to 2002 and the launch of Friendster to see Web 2.0 in its infancy.
  • “Friendster was the first explicit social networking site in terms of the way we think about it today.”
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  • With the introduction of Friendster the user can now create a digital persona without having any programming knowledge.
  • First was MySpace, which gave users access to their profiles HTML and CSS.
  • This feature to the SNS provided the user the ability to personalize their digital persona, and allowed them to express their individuality.
  • The next step in user control was given by Facebook, when the site allowed users develop and incorporate widgets into their profiles. The SNS Ning goes one step further by combining both the ideas of MySpace and Facebook, Ashlock says, “Giving users the power to construct an authentic identity while providing access to a rich array of Web 2.0 content.”
  • It is my conclusion that it is this focus on fluidly intertwining the Internet with the daily lives of its users that will progress Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Just take a look at the latest advancements in mobile technology and you will see that the user’s ability to be connected has progressed away from the desktop computer.
    • Tero Toivanen
      Progress from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 is user's ability to be connected away from the desktop computer.
    Master of Our Online Universe: Progression to Web 3.0 It is my conclusion that it is this focus on fluidly intertwining the Internet with the daily lives of its users that will progress Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Just take a look at the latest advancements in mobile technology and you will see that the user's ability to be connected has progressed away from the desktop computer.
Karen Vitek

Turn Your iPad 1 or 2 into an Interactive Whiteboard (Practical Practice) - 107 views

    "I'm talking about using the iPad as a control surface to actually control your computer desktop, write on your computer desktop, and project all of that in front of the classroom just as a regular interactive whiteboard does. The only difference: no interactive whiteboard is needed, and you can do this wirelessly using the first generation iPad as well as the second, and that's correct, without tethering your iPad to the projector or the computer with wires."
    I'm definitely going to try this! I'm hoping it works better than a slate.
    I use TeamViewer and I can controlo form my Ipad my Mac or my PC With my connect Mac/PC I can use several programs and Show my Ipad in e-blackboard
Maria Babae

Desktop Support for Computer Efficiency - 1 views

We offer first rate desktop support to make your computer more efficient that includes: * Comprehensive clean-up of files and programs * Quick virus and malware removal * Up-to-date software for e...

support desktop computer PC

started by Maria Babae on 10 Aug 11 no follow-up yet
Online Desktop

Desktop Support to Keep My PC Running Fast - 3 views

I have been subscribing to desktop support from OnlinedesktopSupport for almost a year already. I dit it because I need to keep my PC running fast. If I have a slow computer, I will not be able to ...

education learning teaching technology

started by Online Desktop on 01 Aug 11 no follow-up yet
helen hunt

Premium Desktop Support Services - 1 views

Getting a job done every day is quite a great challenge to me lately. I have been experiencing computer errors which prevented me from accessing numerous applications of which by the way are very c...

resources technology teaching tools

started by helen hunt on 13 Oct 11 no follow-up yet
Julie Shy

7 Sticky Notes - What is - - 0 views

    What is 7 Sticky Notes? Well, as you may have already noticed, 7 Sticky Notes is a desktop sticky notes program. It all started when I begun searching for a free alternative for Windows Vista's notes. Something similar to Windows 7 notes, but with more features.So, I created this website and named the software "7 Sticky Notes". The explanation for the name "7 Sticky Notes" is because it is a better and improved Windows 7 desktop Notes.
Martin Burrett

AirSet - Your Cloud Computer - 0 views

    This site is a cross of a virtual desktop and an online storage site. Store up to 100MB of files for free and access them across many different types of devices.
Martin Burrett - Connect.Collaborate.Share - 0 views

    This site provides 5GB of free online cloud based file storage with with an online desktop. Easy to use and provides a simple way to share files with others. Also has media player, chat and Office suite.

Used Laptop & Desktop Buying and Selling - 0 views

Computers and laptops are gaining a lot of acceptance among the people of all age groups. The availability of abundant facilities and their portability has resulted into the increase in their deman...

usedlaptops usedcomputers useddesktops usedcomputer usedlaptop useddesktop

started by ovaltech on 11 Feb 15 no follow-up yet
liza cainz

HP Support for Printers - 1 views

Paper works is one of the many things I have to deal with as a secretary for a top executive in the company I am working for Vancouver. More often than not, printer glitches are one of the major pr...

support service Desktop computer technical services PC tech

started by liza cainz on 10 Dec 10 no follow-up yet
Danny Nicholson

TweetDeck - 0 views

    TweetDeck is an Adobe Air desktop application that is currently in private beta. It aims to evolve the existing functionality of Twitter by taking an abundance of information i.e twitter feeds, and breaking it down into more manageable bite sized pieces.
Jim Farmer

Dimdim - 0 views

    Dimdim provides easy, open, affordable collaboration. Use for online meetings, eLearning, desktop sharing, training, distance education, unified collaboration, webinar, free web meetings and more.
Kathleen Cercone

Twitter Clients - Twitter for Teachers - 0 views

    Twitter Clients There are a range of tools that will allow you to send and receive Twitter messages with both mobile and desktop devices. This list may never be...
Kathleen Cercone

Slide - 0 views

    Slide lets you use photos and other digital content to publish and discover the people and things that matter to you. With a super easy set-up, clean interface and multiple transition and theme options, Slide is among the most popular tools for self expression on the web today. Slide can be embedded onto any website, viewed on your desktop or shared with your friends or fans. Slide supports dozens of social networking and blog platforms, including MySpace, MySpace Blogs, Bebo, Blogger, eBay, Facebook, Friendster, Hi5, livedoor, LiveJournal, Piczo,,, Tagged, Typepad, Windows Live Spaces, Wretch, Yahoo! 360 and Xanga.
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