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Nigel Coutts

Finding a new paradise for education in times of chaos - The Learner's Way - 4 views

    Through any lens schools are complex places. A melting pot of human, social, political, economic, technological, physical and philosophical tensions. At once the stronghold of our cultural traditions and facilitators of our future wellbeing, schools serve as pillars of stability constructed at the event horizon between our now and our tomorrow. Perhaps at this point in time more than ever is this tension between the role that schools play in indoctrinating our youth into the ways of society at odds with the imperative to prepare them for their futures.
Sheri Edwards

Information Overload in the 17th Century - Science and Tech - The Atlantic - 12 views

    What a glut of books! Who can read them? As already, we shall have a vast Chaos and confusion of Books, we are oppressed with them, our eyes ache with reading, our fingers with turning. For my part I am one of the number--one of the many--I do not deny it... Robert Burton's 1621 work The Anatomy of Melancholy:
Johon Bakare Bakare

onlineinternetearning - 0 views

    Order & Chaos available on Android Market
Martin Burrett

Finding Santa - 0 views

    Find Santa in the chaos of his workshop at Christmas with this fun game.
Nigel Coutts

Embracing the complexity of change - The Learner's Way - 10 views

    The potential for reliably predicting the outcome of any change effort is surely difficult if not even impossible once the number of influences becomes large. Acknowledging the complexity that exists and seeing the potential for growth, creativity and innovation that can exist within an organisation at 'the edge of chaos' are useful strategies as schools face a period of unprecedented change. 
Ziem Merwin

Features To Keep In Mind For Choosing The Suitable Online Lending Option! - 0 views

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Sheri Edwards

Chalkdust: Teacher 2.0 - 0 views

  • "We need teachers that are performance-driven."
  • we were looking for the teacher that transcended the bureaucracy that often plagues the public school system, the myriad forms of student malaise, and really got into the faces of students intellectually.
  • teachers that thrived on chaos, that were reflective in times of high levels of uncertainty, and that were always, regardless of popular opinion, willing to reinvent themselves for the sake of learning.
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  • Teaching will be different, and this will happen very soon. Teaching will require that we are risk-takers, savvy, and cavalier. Teaching will be different, or it will be irrelevant.
    It's been two years since this blog--- how are things different?
    It's been two years since this blog--- how are things different?
Tero Toivanen

Leapfrog Institutes » Blog Archive » Leapfrogging to the New Basics - 0 views

  • This means that youth will produce new thought tools to help them cope with increasing chaos and ambiguity in the modern world.
  • This means that youth will counter the tyranny of traditional perceptions of clock time through their personal time constructs, including conceptualizations of history, the present and future that can be strategically compressed and stretched.
  • This means that youth gravitate toward the acquisition of new information, rather than shying away from it; and that the abundance of information will be valued as a socioeconomic resource.
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  • This means that youth will devote their lives to the construction and application of meaning, both explicit and implicit.
  • This means that youth will become increasingly capable as designers and architects of alternative knowledge foundations to improve their lives.
  • This means that youth will not only enjoy learning from their mistakes, but also aim to turn mistakes into successes.
    Are the old basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic relevant in the 21st century? Or, is it time for an upgrade? Arthur Harkins and John Moravec assembled a list of New Basics for education that can help us leapfrog to an education paradigm that is both innovative and relevant for the 21st century and beyond.
Tero Toivanen

Flipped classrooms: teaching at home and doing homework at school | | Colorado Springs | Pueblo | - 33 views

  • The 5th graders in Doug Hinkle's class at the DaVinci Academy in School District 20 are among the first elementary students in the country to be part of a "flipped" classroom.
  • Instead of spending 20 minutes each hour lecturing, Mr. Hinkle pre-records video podcasts to teach his lessons.
  • Removing the lectures from the school day frees up Hinkle to give more attention to individual students or small groups. If you were to drop into his class unannounced, it may seem a bit chaotic, but Hinkle says it's a controlled chaos.
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  • The online community boasts 3,000 teacher members. Sams says he's routinely asked to join conference calls or use Skype to address educators and lawmakers around the world.
  • "I've been to Norway, I've been to Germany, I've been to probably 6 or 7 different states just this year and it's only March."
    "The 5th graders in Doug Hinkle's class at the DaVinci Academy in School District 20 are among the first elementary students in the country to be part of a "flipped" classroom."
    It a great idea , today I was attending a high school implimenting location based learning project. I actualy came to the same conclusion. forml knowledge would have better been aquired through reading and recorded information while the class would have been better used for "workshop" activity in which students would have created location based learning objects
Nigel Coutts

Between the sprint and the marathon - 6 views

    The start of a new school year brings with it great excitement and just a little sense of panic and chaos. We have new students, new classes, new teachers and new challenges. We spend time getting to know each other and building trust. But what happens next sets the tone for the year and determines our ultimate success.
intermixed intermixed

sac longchamp pliage En 1992 - 0 views

Mais c'est là que la comparaison s'arrête. Populiste et islamiste, Ahmadinejad aime provoquer : sur la question d'Israël, «qui doit être rayé de la carte», sur le traité de non-prolifération, dont ...

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intermixed intermixed

sac burberry 2015 pas cher Deux - 0 views

Il s'attaque aux contrats des multinationales pétrolières, mais le fait prudemment, conscient des besoins en termes de technologie et de capitaux de son pays. Les contradictions sont très vives au ...

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sac lancel bb pas cher Danielle - 0 views

Sa rencontre avec ­John F. Kennedy allait décider de sa carrière. Plus tard, il étudia à la Kennedy School of Government de Harvard.Mais les États-Unis auraient sans doute tort de penser qu'il ­ser...

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longchamp soldes kate moss Elles - 0 views

Pourtant les institutions jouent leur rôle. « Le système fonctionne puisque personne n'échappe plus à la loi, plaide Hsiao Bi-khim, étoile montante du DPP. Si le président Chen et ses proches ont a...

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echarpe burberry soie pas cher Bert - 0 views

Le voici qui se rappelle à notre bon souvenir avec un nouvel album de haute volée. Il flotte sur ces douze morceaux une sérénité et une force peu communes. Jansch a eu raison d'ouvrir sa porte à Be...

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