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Most affordable Moto G4 Play, launching in India on Sep 6 - Gadgets World - 0 views

    Moto G4 Play, Moto G4 Play Price in India, Moto G4 Play Specifications, Moto G4 Play Features, Moto G4 Play Amazon India, Moto G4 Play Mobile, G4 Play

Moto G4 Play announced with 5-inch HD disPlay quad core processor - Gadgets World - 0 views

    Moto 4G Play, Moto 4G Play Specs, Moto 4G Play Features, Moto 4G Play price, Moto 4G Play in India, Moto 4G Play
Martin Burrett

Minecraft - 0 views

    Minecraft is an award winning building game and something of an educational phenomenon. It's an addictive game where players build a 3D landscape by adding and destroying blocks. play this free java version to get your class creating and imagining. No registration required. play the multi-player version at, but a free registration is needed to play as a team.
Tero Toivanen

Music and the Brain - 0 views

  • A little known fact about Einstein is that when he was young he did extremely poor in school. His grade school teachers told his parents to take him out of school because he was "too stupid to learn" and it would be a waste of resources for the school to invest time and energy in his education. The school suggested that his parents get Albert an easy, manual labor job as soon as they could.
  • Instead of following the school's advice, Albert's parents bought him a violin. Albert became good at the violin. Music was the key that helped Albert Einstein become one of the smartest men who has ever lived. Einstein himself says that the reason he was so smart is because he played the violin. He loved the music of Mozart and Bach the most. A friend of Einstein, G.J. Withrow, said that the way Einstein figured out his problems and equations was by improvising on the violin.
  • Another example of how rhythm orders movement is an autistic boy who could not tie his shoes. He learned how on the second try when the task of tying his shoes was put to a song. The rhythm helped organize his physical movements in time.
  • ...15 more annotations...
  • Classical music from the baroque period causes the heart beat and pulse rate to relax to the beat of the music. As the body becomes relaxed and alert, the mind is able to concentrate more easily. Furthermore, baroque music decreases blood pressure and enhances the ability to learn. Music affects the amplitude and frequency of brain waves, which can be measured by an electro-encephalogram. Music also affects breathing rate and electrical resistance of the skin. It has been observed to cause the pupils to dilate, increase blood pressure, and increase the heart rate.
  • Mozart's music and baroque music, with a 60 beats per minute beat pattern, activate the left and right brain. The simultaneous left and right brain action maximizes learning and retention of information. The information being studied activates the left brain while the music activates the right brain. Also, activities which engage both sides of the brain at the same time, such as playing an instrument or singing, causes the brain to be more capable of processing information.
  • According to The Center for New Discoveries in Learning, learning potential can be increased a minimum of five times by using this 60 beats per minute music.
  • Dr. Lozanov's system involved using certain classical music pieces from the baroque period which have around a 60 beats per minute pattern. He has proven that foreign languages can be learned with 85-100% efficiency in only thirty days by using these baroque pieces. His students had a recall accuracy rate of almost 100% even after not reviewing the material for four years.
  • Group 1 was read the words with Handel's Water Music in the background. They were also asked to imagine the words. Group 2 was read the same words also with Handel's Water Music in the background. Group 2 was not asked to imagine the words. Group 3 was only read the words, was not given any background music, and was also not asked to imagine the words. The results from the first two tests showed that groups 1 and 2 had much better scores than group 3. The results from the third test, a week later, showed that group 1 performed much better than groups 2 or 3.
  • One simple way students can improve test scores is by listening to certain types of music such as Mozart's Sonata for Two Piano's in D Major before taking a test. This type of music releases neurons in the brain which help the body to relax.
  • William Balach, Kelly Bowman, and Lauri Mohler, all from Pennsylvania State University, studied the effects of music genre and tempo on memory retention. They had four groups learn vocabulary words using one of four instrumental pieces - slow classical, slow jazz, fast classical, and fast jazz.
  • Surprisingly, the results showed that changing the genre had no effect on recall but changing the tempo decreased recall.
  • One key ingredient to the order of music from the baroque and classical periods is math. This is realized by the body and the human mind performs better when listening to this ordered music.
  • George recognized that Saul overcame his problems by using special music. With this story in mind King George asked George Frederick Handel to write some special music for him that would help him in the same way that music helped Saul. Handel wrote his Water Music for this purpose.
  • Dr. Ballam goes on to say that, "The human mind shuts down after three or four repetitions of a rhythm, or a melody, or a harmonic progression."
  • Bob Larson, a Christian minister and former rock musician, remembers that in the 70's teens would bring raw eggs to a rock concert and put them on the front of the stage. The eggs would be hard boiled by the music before the end of the concert and could be eaten. Dr. Earl W. Flosdorf and Dr. Leslie A. Chambers showed that proteins in a liquid medium were coagulated when subjected to piercing high-pitched sounds
  • Rock music was played in one of the boxes while Bach's music was played in the other box. The rats could choose to switch boxes through a tunnel that connected both boxes. Almost all of the rats chose to go into the box with the Bach music even after the type of music was switched from one box to the other.
  • She found that the plants grew well for almost every type of music except rock and acid rock. Jazz, classical, and Ravi Shankar turned out to be the most helpful to the plants. However, the plants tested with the rock music withered and died. The acid rock music also had negative effects on the plant growth.
  • One cannot deny the power of music. High school students who study music have higher grade point averages that those who don't. These students also develop faster physically. Student listening skills are also improved through music education. The top three schools in America all place a great emphasis on music and the arts. Hungary, Japan, and the Netherlands, the top three academic countries in the world, all place a great emphasis on music education and participation in music. The top engineers from Silicon Valley are all musicians. Napoleon understood the enormous power of music. He summed it up by saying, "Give me control over he who shapes the music of a nation, and I care not who makes the laws" .
    Mozart's music and baroque music, with a 60 beats per minute beat pattern, activate the left and right brain. The simultaneous left and right brain action maximizes learning and retention of information. The information being studied activates the left brain while the music activates the right brain. Also, activities which engage both sides of the brain at the same time, such as playing an instrument or singing, causes the brain to be more capable of processing information.

Math Games - 43 views

    These math games look great. The only problem I can see is that once a student has played once, they must close out to play again. New questions do come up if they choose to play again though.
Martin Burrett

Storybricks - 0 views

    A 3D role-playing game designer that encourages learners to create stories narratives by playing the game. Designing games is fun and it is easy to share with your class mates.
Martin Burrett

JAM with Chrome - 0 views

    This is an amazing site which allow up to 4 people to collaboarate and play virtual instruments over the web in real time. play a variety of guitars, drums and drum machines and keyboards. There is no sign up needed and you just invite other 'musicians' by sharing the link and begin jamming. Set to 'pro' mode to play using your computer keyboard. Requires Google Chrome.
Nigel Coutts

Culture, Change and the Individual - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    A recent post by George Couros (author of The innovators Mindset) posed an interesting question about the role that culture plays in shaping the trajectory of an organisation. The traditional wisdom is that culture trumps all but George points to the role that individuals play in shaping and changing culture itself. Is culture perhaps less resilient than we are led to imagine and is it just a consequence of the individuals with the greatest influence? Or, is something else at play here?
Keith Hamon

Playing to Learn? by Maria Andersen on Prezi - 32 views

    Children love to learn, but at some point they lose that and become adults that don't like formal learning. Let's explore why "play" has gotten such a bad rap and figure out how to get it back in education.
Martin Burrett

Playscripts for Kids - 0 views

    A great collection of play scripts for children. Browse 100s of plays on a range on topics.
Clara James

Words With Friends For PC - 0 views

    "Download BlueStacks free and start playing Words With Friends fullscreen on your PC right now!" play Words with Friends on PC now with app player for windows pc.

Five Psychological Principles Fueling Gamification : Learning Solutions Magazine - 0 views

  • narratives developed around a learning activity make the activity more engaging and relevant to the learner
    • dsatkins1981
      How could we build content and narrative into an Escape Room to enhance the already value elements such as problems-solving and creative thinking?
  • leveling up should become more difficult as users progress through the material.
    • dsatkins1981
      Designers at Nintendo often say: the best games are simple to play, but difficult to master (i.e. Mario).
  • the brain can only handle a finite amount of information at one time before becoming overloaded.
  • ...11 more annotations...
  • Better learning happens when this occurs.
  • Gamification has been shown to relieve stress and clear the brain of distractions.
  • “If you play Angry Birds or some other game on your mobile or laptop, you are not thinking about what you are making tonight for dinner. You are thinking about what is going on in the game,” she says.
  • incorporate learning in that experience, it causes a hyper focus on the key learning point.”
    • dsatkins1981
      Some in the field of brain science are finding that multitasking is actually detrimental to task-quality. In other words, each additional task you undertake decreases the quality of your focus on all tasks exponentially and therefore decreases each resultant product. Hyperfocus for limited periods may be much more inline with the way the brain wants to work.
  • on a psychological level, losses can be twice as powerful as gains
  • Individuals will keep playing
  • relieves cognitive overload
  • forges an emotional connection
  • individuals would rather avoid losses than acquire equivalent gains.
  • an individual would prefer to not lose $5, as opposed to finding $5.
  • Users who earn or receive awards as a result of gamification do not want to lose them and, thus, will continue playing in order to retain them.
    • dsatkins1981
      Like sonic the hedgehog losing rings? I like it. On the other hand, what about the evil of our day: microtransactions? Where does that come into play and what are the risks of abuse by designers of gamification in education?
Nigel Coutts

Learning by playing, tinkering and making - The Learner's Way - 8 views

    Play is a vital tool for learning. It should be vital part of every child's learning; the norm rather than the exception and we leave it behind as we become adults to our own peril. 

Men and Women Main Draw Pool Play, AAU Junior Nationals, Kids\' Day - 1 views

    This Thu, July 13, 2017 Men & Women Main Draw Pool Play : Come watch the world's best beach volleyball Players compete for one of the most prestigious titles and biggest prize purses in the sport. The top American and international Players on the FIVB Tour convene at the WSOBV to battle it out from pool Play to Playoffs. See Olympic medalists Kerri Walsh-Jennings, April Ross, and Phil Dalhausser up close and personal! And if you can't be here, watch LIVE on ESPN.
Mike Cullum

Educational Leadership:Meeting Students Where They Are:Using Games to Enhance Student Achievement - 0 views

    Games are a regular part of students' lives, no matter what their grade level. Students play games throughout the day on their computers, the Internet, and their cell phones. One of the few places they don't regularly play games is in their classrooms. Although some teachers use games as a part of their instructional repertoire, most teachers do not, and those who do include them may not be using them to their potential.
J Black

WuChess - Features - 0 views

  • is the worlds first online chess and Hip-Hop community. You can create and share profiles with your friends and triumph over enemies on the 64 squares. Not just against people in your neighborhood but from all over the world. Play live chess with people from all over the world and get your learn on. lets you get knowledge from REAL chess masters online, or train in chambers against the computer to refine your skills. Create your own chess clans to see who can build the highest ranking. Play in tournaments for prizes, or just for the joy of flexin' ya mentals. At you can log-on to watch chess clans do battle on and check out exhibition matches with RZA, other Wu-Tang members and stars from across the planet. WuChess taking the game of life to the next level.
Martin Burrett

tutpup - play, compete, learn - 0 views

    Play, Compete, Learn Welcome to Tutpup, where you can compete in fun, educational games against other kids from all over the World! Read more about us.
    this is a great werbsite for elementary math and spelling help
    A great, really well designed and free maths games website which is really fun to play. My class love it. A little time is needed to setup the logins, but well worth the effort. Also has a spelling game section.

Diigo Groups: FTW: Gaming for Learning - Please join us! - 40 views

    An open group for resource sharing and networking about gaming and play in the context of learning - in school, out of school, in the community. Open to educators, game developers, academics, gamers and anybody with an interest in the topic.
    Seeking teacher gamers interested in resource sharing for gaming and "play" based learning in schools.
Martin Burrett

Kisstunes Virtual Musical Keyboard - 0 views

    An online virtual musical keyboard that can be played with your computer keyboard or a mouse. So you're not going to be able to play much Chopin on this, but it's fun and the keyboard appears large on a whiteboard and is useful for showing some basics.,+Sound+&+Podcasts
Martin Burrett

Decimal Blackjack - 0 views

    Play Blackjack with decimals. Play against the computer and be the closest to 2 but not over to win.
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