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moneymindz01 Link submission - 0 views

    The year 2017 is on the brink of finish. the primary few months of this year saw the commoner grappling with changes demonetization brought in. Since it had been introduced within the fag finish of 2016, the economy was still adjusting to the unexpected transition. Cashless, paperless, low-interest rates, GST, RERA, Benaami dealings Act were a couple of crucial money moves/reforms that set the tone for the year 2017.All this and far a lot of player the contours of the year 2017
Tero Toivanen

Fill Your New Kindle, iPad, iPhone with Free eBooks, Movies, Audio Books, Courses & Mor... - 108 views

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Technical Chart patterns - 1 views

stock market trading education online chart patterns


warehousing systems supplier - 0 views

    To provide you with a full range of air customs clearance, customs clearance, warehousing, logistics delivery services, and the use of powerful information system to grasp every link in the transport process, to ensure that your goods enjoy the highest quality of transport services, for you to create a fast, efficient, intimate international air freight business.
Joel Josephson

Kindersite Project - 3 views

    For ALL preschool and Kindergarten age children and English learners. The Kindersite has 1,000s of links to the best games, songs and stories for young children.
Nigel Coutts

Two resources you might like. - The Learner's Way - 22 views

    Two resources that might appeal to educators pondering the future.
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Biotechnology Assignment help - 2 views

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Biotechnology Assignment help

started by sofiazoemaxa on 05 Feb 22 no follow-up yet
Hare Marke

Buy Twitter Retweets - 100% Real | Secure & Instant - 0 views

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SG SEO Company - 0 views

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Fabian Aguilar

The End in Mind » An Open (Institutional) Learning Network - 2 views

  • There are components of an open learning network that can and should live in the cloud: Personal publishing tools (blogs, personal websites, wikis) Social networking apps Open content Student generated content
  • Some tools might straddle the boundary between the institution and the cloud, e.g. portfolios, collaboration tools and websites with course & learning activity content.
  • Other tools and data belong squarely within the university network: Student Information Systems Secure assessment tools (e.g., online quiz & test applications) Institutional gradebook (for secure communication about scores, grades & feedback) Licensed and or proprietary institutional content
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • To facilitate the relationships between students and teachers, students and students, and students and content, universities need to provide students the ability to input additional information about themselves into the institutional repository, such as: URLs & RSS feeds for anything and everything the student wants to share with the learning community Social networking usernames (probably on an opt-in basis) Portfolio URLs (particularly to simplify program assessment activities) Assignment & artifact links (provided and used most frequently via the gradebook interface)
  • Integrating these technologies assumes: Web services compatibility to exchange data between systems and easily redisplay content as is or mashed-up via alternate interfaces RSS everywhere to aggregate content in a variety of places
  • While there’s still a lot of work to do, this feels like we’re getting closer to something real and doable. Thoughts?
Michele Rosen

EdTechTeacher | Rubrics for Assessment - 101 views

    This page provides brief explanations and an impressive menu of links to resources and tools for assessing and providing feedback to learners on technology-supported activities and projects. Categories include: Rubrics for Assessment - General Rubric Generators Assessing … Blogging Assessing Coding & Gaming Assessing Graphic Organizers Assessing Podcasts Assessing Technology & Social Media Assessing Video, Screencasting, and Digital Storytelling Projects Assessing Websites/Digital Portfolios Assessing Wikis

Free Software Downloads with FileFisher! - 3 views

Photoshop is classic. If you know how to use it, you've got a bunch of cool tools for photo editing at your disposal. But if you're like me, just snapping pics for fun and posting them on Insta, yo...

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