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Tero Toivanen

YouTube - TEDxLaguna - John Moravec - Leapfrogging toward knowmad society - 9 views

    John Morvec's excellent presentation about future of society and education! 
Tero Toivanen

Education Futures - 2009: The year of educating in Society 3.0 - 30 views

    The Society 3.0 series proved to be very popular, accounting for the majority of visits. In this blog post are the top five articles of 2009.
Tero Toivanen

Education Futures - Designing Education 3.0 - 0 views

  • This is my take on the future of education.
  • The role of the corresponding Education 1.0 regime was to create graduates that would perform well in jobs with easily defined parameters and relationships.
  • The role of Education 2.0 is to develop our talents to compete in a global market with new social relationships, and where we are able to leverage our knowledge.
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  • In this paradigm, information is no longer as important as the knowledge that’s created as we interpret information and create meaning. Increasingly, people are becoming more valued for their personal knowledge rather than their ability to perform tasks.
  • Society 2.0
  • Society 3.0 refers to an emerging innovation-based society that is not quite here, yet. This is a society that is driven by accelerating change, globalized relationships, and fueled by knowmads. In an era of accelerating change, the amount of information available doubles at an increasing rate, and the half-life of useful knowledge decreases exponentially. This requires innovative thinking and action by all members of society.
    This is John Moravec's take on the future of education.
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