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Ebey Soman

Contemplation of Death in Hamlet - 0 views

    "To be or not to be, that is the question…" Hamlet's soliloquy is one of the most famous in literature. His contemplation of death and his obsessions with the spiritual matters occurs throughout the play and still a matter of contemplation among the schol
Judith Bell

Exploring Your Options and Different Types of Adoption - 0 views

    Adopting a child means more than simply filling out an application. If you and your significant other have contemplated adoption, it's important to know all your options. When looking into adopting a child, you have the choice between adopting through an agency, independently, domestically and/or internationally.
José Bortolato


    Jó capítulos 20 e 21 Quantas vezes ficamos sabendo que inocentes são julgados, acusados, e a sentença esperada de uma absolvição não os contemplou, enquanto que os verdadeiros malfeitores são isentados de suas culpas neste mundo... Já se soube que homens justos passaram pelo vexame de serem
    Zofar, amigo, segundo discurso, acusações, banais, depreciativas, pejorativas, legalista, Jó, paciência, resposta, Jesus

Why Can't We Slow Down? - 0 views

    Slowing down can be terrifying because doing nothing productive leaves us feeling vulnerable, emotional exposed and naked. Overworking hides these feelings of
Cody Lorance

What is Art? - 0 views

    Let's wander off the beaten path a little bit today, shall we? I want to talk about art. Everyone likes art, right? But what is art? I think that's a really great question that can lead us to some wonderful places of discovery.
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