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True Teachers Teach with Authority « Reflections in the WORD - 0 views

    Believers do not have to be victims of false teachers with false teachings. Every Believer CAN know the Word of God for himself/herself, BECAUSE we have the Holy Spirit indwelling our hearts!
Ebey Soman

Reactions to Israel's Gaza Offensive (Dec 2008) - 0 views

    On December 27th 2008, Israeli Defense forces launched major air strikes into Gaza strip to cripple and to damage Hamas infastructure. The operations are set to continue "for weeks to come" according to the Israeli defense minister.
Joel Bennett

Britain and America - Diverse attitudes -- - 0 views

    A survey of British and American attitudes about various topics from religion and the war in Iraq to immigration and global warming. Quite illuminating regarding the differences between the US and the UK, but also perhaps suprising to some of you as to the views your countrymen hold.
Marie Lin

Contemporary religious battles: Faith vs. Tolerance - 1 views

    We're living in an age where we're supposed to be tolerant, not only of other faiths, but of everyone and everything. Yet, if you look around, all you seem to see is a lot of fighting and protesting. If someone says or does something that goes against someone else's point of view there's always trouble. Where's the tolerance?
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