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Bernard Bates

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started by Bernard Bates on 25 May 12
  • Bernard Bates
    Chuuk is a group of 15 islands that are located on the Pacific. Chuuk is fundamentally situated 2,500 miles of Hawaii's southwest. Experts say Truk Lagoon is the remains of a massive volcano. True, an island shaped by volcanos might appear hazardous, but the fact remains that Chuuk is a well-known diving destination and divers all over the world would flock to it. They want to see what Chuuk has to offer. Truk lagoon diving, Dahab diving holiday, Truk lagoon diving

    When it comes to diving, Chuuk is a good place to be. One great reason is considered the abundance in aquatic life. There are numerous fishes to see along with different vibrant corals. Chuuk's diving attraction is not the marine life divers would see. Truk Lagoon diving will permit divers to see one of the most historic legacies of WWII. Chuuk was one of the witnesses of huge naval war during that war, the Operation Hailstorm Of US. This was a large naval operation where US navy had launched a big aerial attack on a Japanese naval base on South Pacific.

    This operation alone entails many ships and planes, sinking them underneath the bottom of the sea. Many ships was sunk during that battle, including 3 warships, 3 cruisers as well as 6 destroyers. Aside from warships, there are also over 30 merchant ships lying on the bottom of the sea. In truth, the lagoon is considered to have hundreds and maybe thousands tons of ship materials sunk because of the whole operation. After that, this wreckage continues to be lying around underneath the lagoon. Today, these wreckages which are currently well-known diving spots.

    These silent proof of the enormous battle is not a home to different aquatic lifeforms. This wreckage has become a large yet unique ecosystem. There are many wreck diving sites in Truk Lagoon. These diving spots are Shinkoku Maru, Nippo Maru and Hoki Maru. When it comes to popularity, nothing beats Fujikawa Maru. This is famous because it is perhaps the biggest wreckage of all. This 450 ft. long whip wreck is visited by many, not because it is big but because it is also situated in clear and shallow water. Because of this, it is easy to explore the site. Every part of the ship, from top to bottom of the wreck is visible if not almost visible.

    The climate of Chuuk is also the reason why many people visit it for diving. Chuuk has an almost uniform climate, which is why divers gather around the world. Although diving may be difficult between the months of June and November, because of strong winds, many experienced and skill divers still flock to these diving spots. However, for novice divers, it will be advisable to visit Chuuk on the months of January and March.

    Nowadays, many people would say that Chuuk is one of the ideal destination when it comes to diving. It is because of the great aquatic sceneries it has that no other diving spots have. Chuuk also has numerous dive operators with good skills and dive experience. There are also many resorts that provide good food along with accommodation. However, Chuuk is not the only good diving site on the world. Other good diving experiences are the Red Sea diving and Dahab diving.

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