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The High Technology in Car Audio Systems - 2 views

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started by game gautruc on 09 Apr 16
  • game gautruc
    Car audio's have gone a long way cay an xoa tri ung thu. Now that cars are getting smarter, their parts-particularly the car audio systems-have gotten more sophisticated as well. In the olden days, we would use car stereos just to kill time listening to the car radio while driving to our destination. But they have more use now. DJ can even place turntables inside their cars and stir parties everywhere.

    Of course, technology is always changing, always evolving. The car audio systems in our age might be awesome enough, but geniuses of the future will find and find ways to create more advanced technologies. However, we live in the now. We might as well enjoy and be astonished by the current advancements in our auto universe.


    A beloved character from an cay an xoa chua benh gan ongoing television series commented that everything is better with Bluetooth. And he has never been more right. You have got to love them who invented Bluetooth technology. In case you are wondering, it was Ericsson. Bluetooth is most common in smartphones and some home appliances. However, it has been proven to be most useful in cars as well. The driver can do everything-play music, receive calls. All without the hassle of connecting wires.

    Hands-free conversations

    Speaking of conveniently receiving and making calls while driving, that is almost common these days. Hands-free conversations save effort. Most especially, they save lives. With them, multitasking in cars is possible. Although making calls while driving is still discouraged, at least the drivers can accomplish a simple phone conversation without taking their attention away from the wheel.

    Noise filter

    We all want to be left alone with the music cay an xoa ban o dau we are listening to. we can't enjoy our music very if what's around us is all noise now, can we? It's a good thing that car owners can now install noise filters-or noise cancelling devices-in their cars. We can enjoy the euphoria of music in the comforts of our cars. It's like having headphones with the unnecessary discomfort on the ear lobes. It's nice to shut everything out and hole in silence and music-even if for only a few minutes while driving home from work.

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