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Matti Narkia

The Role of Vitamin D in Cancer Prevention -- Garland et al. 96 (2): 252 -- American Jo... - 0 views

    The role of vitamin D in cancer prevention.
    Garland CF, Garland FC, Gorham ED, Lipkin M, Newmark H, Mohr SB, Holick MF.
    Am J Public Health. 2006 Feb;96(2):252-61. Epub 2005 Dec 27. Review.
    PMID: 16380576
    DOI: 10.2105/AJPH.2004.045260

    Vitamin D status differs by latitude and race, with residents of the northeastern United States and individuals with more skin pigmentation being at increased risk of deficiency. A PubMed database search yielded 63 observational studies of vitamin D status in relation to cancer risk, including 30 of colon, 13 of breast, 26 of prostate, and 7 of ovarian cancer, and several that assessed the association of vitamin D receptor genotype with cancer risk.

    The majority of studies found a protective relationship between sufficient vitamin D status and lower risk of cancer. The evidence suggests that efforts to improve vitamin D status, for example by vitamin D supplementation, could reduce cancer incidence and mortality at low cost, with few or no adverse effects
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