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Matti Narkia

Plant-based flavonoid may cut ovarian cancer risk | Reuters - 1 views

    "NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Women who eat greater amounts of plant-based foods and drinks with the naturally occurring flavonoid, apigenin, may have a decreased risk for ovarian cancer, study findings suggest.

    Apigenin, found in celery, parsley, red wine, tomato sauce, and other plant-based foods may be "particularly beneficial," said Dr. Margaret A. Gates, of Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, in Boston, Massachusetts.

    Flavanoids are compounds with antioxidant properties that protect cells against damage by oxygen molecules. In a study that compared flavonoid intake among women with and without ovarian cancer, women reporting the highest apigenin intake had a "borderline significant decrease" in ovarian cancer risk over women reporting the lowest apigenin intake, Gates and her associates report in the International Journal of Cancer."
Matti Narkia

Exercise, Eating Plant-Based Diet Could Be Key To Cancer Prevention, Medical Experts Sa... - 0 views

    But, she said, the institute has identified three steps people could take to dramatically affect the chances of developing cancer:

    - Eat a mostly plant-based diet.
    - Maintain a healthy weight.
    - Exercise regularly.

    "The data is pretty clear that we can make a significant drop in the cancer rate with these three changes," Collins said. "We can prevent about one-third of cancers with these changes. And if you add tobacco prevention, which reduces about 30 percent of cancers, over half of today's cancers could be prevented."
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