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Graham Perrin

Cover Pages: OASIS Web Services Calendar (WS-Calendar) TC to Create Common Scheduling S... - 0 views

  • OASIS Web Services Calendar (WS-Calendar) TC to Create Common Scheduling Standard
  • February 08, 2010
  • standard schema and semantics
  • ...21 more annotations...
  • Call for Participation
  • WS-Calendar TC Charter
  • new Web Services Calendar (WS-Calendar) Technical Committee
  • adapt existing calendaring and scheduling specifications
  • a "Common Scheduling" standard
  • The committee will deliver a specification
  • Common Scheduling Standard
  • common scheduling specification for web services
  • nearly universal business process concerns
  • First Meeting
  • Motivation for formation of the new WS-Calendar Technical Committee comes from a recognition
  • require a common means to specify schedule and interval
  • This hyperlinked version of the Charter/CFP adds a few data points and URI references to enhance usability; it also corrects minor errors
  • projected completion dates
  • list of deliverables
  • an increasing number of specifications envision synchronization of processes
  • Conceptual Overview of WS-Calendar. Understanding Inheritance Using the Semantic Elements of Web Services.
  • This White Paper explains some of the issues in generic service coordination
  • Update 2010-05-19
  • Update 2010-10-24
  • 60-day public review
Graham Perrin

The Chandler Project Blog » Blog Archive » OSAF's Next Steps - 0 views

  • Being a CalDAV reference implementation is not a priority.
  • we will not be implementing CalDAV scheduling
    • Graham Perrin
      CalDAV scheduling is just one aspect of CalDAV; see
  • misperception in the press
  • ...17 more annotations...
  • the Microsoft product with the most overlap with our design objectives is probably OneNote
  • not trying to be a GTD specific tool
  • Chandler’s philosophy is different enough from GTD that it would be misleading to call Chandler a GTD tool
  • Chandler succeeds at meeting the needs of users who are tracking ‘knowledge work’
  • Chandler is not oriented around calendaring per se or around a complicated task and project landscape with many dependencies
  • we want Chandler to be more viral. We want Chandler to be easy to explain to others. We want Chandler to be found in contexts where people are already spending time. We want Chandler to be
  • even more useful as that user pulls in other people to collaborate
  • We want happy users be successful evangelists for Chandler
  • web widgets that might be deployed in different contexts — iGoogle, Facebook, on an iPhone, etc.
  • widgets should be compelling to a new user who does not use the desktop, in addition to providing features that complement the desktop. Eventually, the widgets can be building blocks
  • the user problem we are serving is an emerging market
  • there isn’t a shared, public vocabulary to describe what we’re doing
  • Our best articulation of our core value to date is: Chandler is a way to manage and collaborate on ideas using: A List View built around the idea of the Triage Workflow A Calendar View Chandler Hub Sharing Service
  • Better product messaging so that people understand what ‘user problem’ we’re trying to solve and how we’re trying to solve it.
  • more ways to get data in and out
  • web widgets (in the browser, on mobile devices and on the desktop)
  • We’re not looking to be a cheaper alternative to Outlook/Exchange. This means we’re not investing in support for free/busy-style scheduling. We’re not looking to be the ‘everyman’s’ version of Microsoft Project or Bug and Ticket-Tracking systems. This means we’re not investing in support for complex task and project management, e.g. task dependencies, tracking percent done, time estimates, robust support for assigning tasks, etc. We’re also not going to be implementing the GTD methodology.
    February 6th, 2008 at 11:17 pm
Graham Perrin

CalDAV with Leopard iCal - Zimbra :: Wiki - 0 views

  • iCal supports CalDAV principal concept, and the URL to use is simply
  • You must not append anything after the servername when using iCal
  • Using the supplied username and password it can discover the user's calendar
Graham Perrin

Forum for iCal4OL & Print4OL / iCal4OL 2.7.0 with integrated CalDAV-Server (!!) for Ou... - 0 views

  • CALDAV SERVER is integrated to SHARE your Outlook Calendar (and Tasks) with clients
    • Graham Perrin
      AFAICT this is iCal4OL providing CalDAV service (available to clients only whilst your computer is connected to the Internet, with firewall exceptions et cetera) - not communicating your Outlook data with a higher-availability CalDAV server elsewhere.
  • Is Outlook fast enough for this? No
Graham Perrin

Apple Sync Services, Truth Database; CalDAV; Google Calendar, Calaboration - 0 views

    • Graham Perrin
      Integrating Sync Services into Your Application
    • Graham Perrin
      Sync Services Programming Guide: Sync Services Overview
  • Tasks created in Google Mail are not presentable as To Do Items
Graham Perrin

use iTunes to prefer a calendar for events created on iPhone and iPod touch - 0 views

    • Graham Perrin
      Integrating Sync Services into Your Application
    • Graham Perrin
      iPod touch: How to sync contacts and calendars
    • Graham Perrin
      MobileMe, iPhone/iPod touch: Differences between Push and manually syncing calendars and contacts
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • an iPhone may use both MobileMe (wirelessly) and a computer (typically wired)
  • Clients of Sync Engine may be many
  • If you have two or more Mac OS X computers:
  • a Truth Database and Sync Engine on each computer
  • If in addition you subscribe to MobileMe:
  • your MobileMe account is a client of multiple Sync Engines
Graham Perrin

Integrating Sync Services into Your Application - 0 views

  • Sync Services provides a powerful and extensible mechanism that enables data to move seamlessly between multiple Macs, devices such as mobiles phones and PDAs, and network services. This ability has long been a part of Mac OS X , through iSync and .Mac, which could manage contacts, calendar items, and bookmarks. Now in Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger, any Mac OS X application can tap into this functionality to sync any kind of data reliably, frequently, and easily.
Graham Perrin

YOUnite Use Case: Apple's MobileMe - 0 views

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