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Contents contributed and discussions participated by brad matthews

brad matthews

How Anybody Can Make Money On The Internet - 0 views

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  • brad matthews
    Can you imagine making a portion of all the purchases of your referrals from companies such as Circuit City,, Target and thousands of others, plus getting cash back for any purchases you make. The best part is you are not selling products of any kind all you are doing is encouraging others to join the site to do what we all already do on the internet. The potential is powerful and enormous.

    The features and applications that are now available at and the ones to be added daily are to extensive to cover on this page. So go to the site and join. Use the invitation at the bottom of the page to start on a path to incredible opportunity.

    Please see our team blog at
brad matthews

The four biggest problems that the small business owner face are: - 1 views

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  • brad matthews
    1. Lack Of Leads

    2. Lack Of Money

    3. Lack Of Training

    4. Lack Of Duplication (or training your downline)

    This lens focuses on these issues and many more. So please bookmark us and read everything thoroughly. Thank you for visiting----

    I don't know about you, but I was getting really tired of shelling out my hard earned cash to build my home biz.

    It just never seemed to end, and I was in a downward spiral.

    Have you ever wondered the secrets to how top recruiters seem to sponsor so many people into their company almost effortlessly?

    Do you have trouble talking to prospects on the phone, or avoid making those phone calls all together?

    When you do finally pick up the phone are do you find it hard to find the right things to say and answer objections?

    "How money are you making?"


    "Is this a pyramid scam?"

    Well if you have problems in any of these areas your problems are answered.

    One Man's Story:

    I met a guy yesterday who absolutely loved his business.

    That wasn't the problem.

    Here's where this gentleman went wrong...

    The first thing that came out of his mouth on our initial handshake
    was, "Hello, my name is Frank. How would you like to own your
    own business? I've got this amazing opportunity with this amazing
    product and the company is in pre-launch. Get in now and you'll be
    set for life!"


    Honestly...Do you think Frank has a good shot at establishing any
    type of relationship or any chance at sponsoring distributors
    using this opening line???

    Of course not! Its ludicrous to think that this could ever work.

    I felt like I just got puked on by Frank and his business opportunity.

    Yup, Frank puked on me.

    Might sound a little hypercritical but let's face it folks! Pushy only sells cars and cemetery plots. If you're taken aback by that comment I apologize. I'm just trying to get my point across and I mean no harm nor do I want to libel those industries. In fact I have a great friend who sells cemetery plots. :-)

    "Puking" as the gentleman describes it, is THE #1 WORST POSSIBLE THING you could do if you're trying
    to build a network marketing business.

    This repels your ONLY target market, network marketers, because
    they could care less about your business.

    This approach doesn't work in person so why would anyone in their
    right mind believe it could on a website?

    Yet I see MILLIONS of networkers promoting websites that are doing
    EXACTLY what Frank has done here: Puking on people by promoting
    their business opportunity on the initial handshake.

    Do you want to learn how the top earners attract endless new
    distributors to their businesses effortlessly and build monster
    downlines that pay them for years and years?

    I will show you how to build your business the right way:

    If you get this part right your business will EXPLODE overnight.

    And I promise you won't piss anybody off by puking on them ;)

    To your success,

    Bradley Matthews:

    Need A WebSite? Need your website promoted? Please fill out our short contact form so we can evaluate your situation.

    Make Money With People String

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