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started by buckettrucksweb on 18 Jun 14
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    Bucket trucks are sometimes seen as the real stars of utility construction vehicles, since they are so widely used in so many ways. With working heights ranging anywhere from 40 to well over 100 feet, they lend themselves to a variety of tasks in a number of different industries. Because of this versatility, when you start looking to purchase one of these vehicles, it's good to start with bucket truck dealers who have a large inventory for you to choose from. This will help insure that you get a vehicle that will serve your purposes without buying more than you really need. If there is a good selection of well-maintained used bucket trucks, that may be a way for you to get the versatile vehicle your business requires, and still save some money.

    The variety of bucket trucks out there is staggering, but they each have their purposes, from the construction industry to telecommunications. Even fire departments put buckets on their elevated work platforms, but that's a very specific modification and only qualifies as a "bucket truck" in the loosest sense. Companies who do commercial relamping as well as signage installation and maintenance make good use of these vehicles, although it is worth mentioning that when they purchase bucket trucks, they have to be certain that the buckets themselves are fully insulated. This is one of those safety precautions that shouldn't be taken for granted.

    Utility Fleet Sales

    A reliable bucket truck can be critical to those who deal professionally with trees; this would include forestry, tree care and landscaping services, fruit picking, and pretty much anything arboreal in nature. Ladders can be helpful, but a bucket truck can't be beat for safety and security. This also applies to doing jobs like cleaning and replacing gutters; when you're working with high-pressure water hoses and power tools, you will want a platform that is more stable than just a ladder.

    Although when we think of bucket trucks we most often think of them being used by utility companies, telecommunications companies, and commercial painters, they serve some other, less common purposes, as well; photographers and filmmakers love the perspective they can get from a camera mounted in a bucket; outdoor concerts frequently require their use when doing stage rigging and mounting lights and speakers; animal rescue groups often require the reach of a bucket truck in order to bring an animal down from great heights; and communities have to have a safe and secure method of decorating for the various holidays. New or used bucket trucks will help them do the job.

    Utility Fleet Sales can help you select the bucket truck, new or used, that will be a perfect fit for your requirements as well as your budget. They can guarantee that their equipment will be delivered in ready-to-work condition, and they can keep your equipment in great shape with their ASE certified technicians.

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