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started by Luciano Barlow on 21 Feb 12
  • Luciano Barlow
    The Importance of Glycolic Acid
    osmosis pur skin care
    Algae farming
    Algae farming represents an excellent alternative to help growing with regard to phytomer:
    : The idea accelerates access to biodiversity without decreasing carries in the mad.
    : The idea makes it possible to create the exact quantities needed as a result of laboratories and therefore eliminates wastage.
    : The quality of far better top quality self-assurance with regard to the environment in which the algae improve and thus guarantees this irreproachable quality involving raw materials.
    Cultivated algae consequently make up some sort of source of dependable substances for our explore and allow us to maximize that potential with the marine world.

    PHYTOMER has developed several methods of algae farming:
    - Available sea cultivation, for which PHYTOMER has executed some sort of multilevel associated with nearby personalities; for instance, for any ocean farming with Undaria pinnatifida seaweed bedrooms in the shielded zoom situated in this Rance estuary in the Saint-Suliac Bay within Brittany.
    : The shielded natural environment provided by cultivation tanks and also research laboratory reactors supplies a number of strengths in terms of quality together with chastity. This product additionally can help you re-introduce threatened types back in your wild.

    Responsible removal solutions
    PHYTOMER is one of the only cosmetics laboratories capable of adjusting the ocean ingredients obtained in uncooked supplies into solutions, applying altogether all natural measures which include lyophilization and lixiviation. Lyophilization is a freeze-drying technique which makes it possible to maintain the many attributes involving seawater together with algae. Lixiviation can be a patented technique for obtaining liquid removes with algae together with ocean plants with a excessive concentration of minerals and trace elements. Even though removal methods are free of chemical type solvents and generate clean waste products that can be used as fertilizer by local farmers.

    Eco-friendly output methods
    Water in the production involving cosmetics is usually pre-processed and then filtered utilizing an ingenious eco-friendly system: filtering bed frames. Plants are used to help handle wastewater within this 100% all natural process. Located in close proximity to that production unit, these backyards make it possible to approach generated waste entirely using local depolluting facilities (orange flags, flowering run, water docks, water mint etc.). There are actually no chemical additives and the depolluted mineral water secured matches this rigorous green prerequisites of the Mont Saint-Michel Fresh vicinity.

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