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Contents contributed and discussions participated by michelle_chin


Obama predicts gay marriage victory - - 5 views

  • out to make a shift, one that I welcome, which is to recognize that -- having hit a critical mass of states that have recognized same-sex marriage -- it doesn't make sense for us to now have this patchwork system," Obama told BuzzFeed News on Tuesda
    • michelle_chin

Children of Illegal Aliens Should Go to College and Gain Legal Status - - 1 views

  • Many students graduate from U.S. high schools with undocumented status—that is, they are not legally permitted to reside in the United States. Many of them were brought to the United States as young children and have lived in America for most of their lives. Once they graduate from high school, there are few opportunities for them as they lack access to in-state college tuition or the legal ability to work. The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, or DREAM Act, would change this, offering undocumented youth the chance at legal resident status. These youths, or Dreamers, should be allowed to have the chance to stay in the country they call home.
  • rent or other family member, sometimes alone. She speaks with an American accent and tells me how she attended local elementary, junior high and high schools. Perhaps she studied a year or two in college before dropping out for financial reasons or perhaps has only just graduated from high school. To all outward appearances, she is a typical American kid.
    Children of illegal aliens should go to college
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