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Jaime Olmos

slideshow.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Objeto) - 17 views

    Hola Jaime la he utilizado para intentar hacer pensar a mis colegas, si quieres ir viendo resultados y
Marcelo Nolasco

A List of 20 Free Tools for Teachers to Create Awesome Presentations and Slideshows - 3 views

    Herramientas para crear presentaciones. 
La Clase de Laura

Add A Attractive SlideShow Widget for Blogger Blog | All Blogging Tricks - 5 views

    Cómo añadir un slider Show en blogger ¡fácilmente!
Luciano Ferrer

Close Reading and Argument Writing - Authentically Across the Curriculum - Guided Reading  and Reading Workshop - 0 views

    "Close Reading and Argument Writing - Authentically Across the Curriculum 7/16/2015 0 Comments Close reading of informational texts and non-fiction articles is not - and should not be - reserved for language arts classes. Every content area would be immensely enhanced if science teachers, social studies teachers, physical education teachers, welding teachers, woodworking teachers (in other words, "all technical subjects," as Common Core states) would not push aside the textbook, but instead embrace it, along with content area and trade articles. Students would then simultaneously learn how to dissect the readings while gaining knowledge in these content areas. What often happens is that teachers feel that students can't handle the text books or can't read the articles independently - and often that is true. However, when teachers instead go into a survival mode, of sorts, and read aloud the whole chapter or article or summarize it with a slideshow, it ends up doing a disservice to students - students are not learning HOW to read these complex texts. They are not learning how to acquire the information on their own. They are not being given the skills to read the sometimes intricate information within a particular content area or even within their possible future trade. They are not being given the opportunity to read, understand, articulate, and discuss or even debate topics within their area of study. Teachers sometimes feel that they can't do these things with students because they are not language arts teachers, or because they don't have time, or simply because they don't know how. Alternatively, a simple solution is to let go of the control and let students do…..with the guidance called close reading. Close reading is a guided reading approach. It is guided because 1) the close reading strategy is reserved for complex texts that are often too high for students to be left with independently and 2) students don't use close reading strateg
Ana Rodera

Knovio - 10 views

[e-aprendizaje] marcadores

Slidestaxx: presentando contenidos - 5 views

    herramienta para realizar presentaciones o slideshows de recopilación de páginas, vídeos etc sobre un tema determinado
Marcelo Nolasco

HelloSlide - Bring your slides to life - 5 views

    Para dar ¨voz¨ a nuestras presentaciones. 
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