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Luciano Ferrer

Conflict-Free And Easy To Repair, The Fairphone Is The World's Most Ethical Phone | Co.Exist | ideas + impact - 0 views

    "The Fairphone is a modular handset designed with repairability and ethical sourcing of its materials as headline features. It sold 60,000 units. Amazingly, for what sounds like a nerd-phone, almost half of those buyers had never owned a smartphone before. Now the Fairphone 2 is launching, and with a totally-new, in-house design. The new phone is even easier to repair, and because it was wholly designed by the FairPhone team, its supply chain is even more responsible than ever. The Fairphone is thicker than the latest iPhone or Samsung flagship, but that's the point. Instead of packing everything into a tiny case and keeping it there with glue, the Fairphone is designed to be taken apart. The lightweight magnesium frame supports modules that can be easily replaced by the user. "We have designed it with an aim to last three to five years, looking at making it robust and modular-for repairability," says Fairphone's chief communications officer, Tessa Wernink. "Obviously how long it lasts depends quite heavily on the user, so what we as a company are doing is offering an ecosystem around the phone that supports long-lasting use, first-hand or second-hand." Inside the case (itself one of several options) you'll find the core unit, containing all the chips and radios; a replaceable battery pack; a display that can be snapped off and replaced without any tools (not even a screwdriver); a receiver unit, which contains the front camera, sensors; the headset connector and microphones; a speaker/vibrator unit; and a camera module. These modules are designed to balance manufacturing complexity with repairability. For instance, the display comes as a standalone unit, but less-vulnerable components are bundled into one module. The camera, which people are most likely to upgrade as better versions become available, is also housed in its own module. That way you don't need to toss out your whole phone just to get a better camera. "In fact, the motto from the maker mo
Luciano Ferrer

La NSA Según las Revelaciones de Snowden, trabajo final de maestría por @rbonifaz #ccby - 1 views

    "En 2013, Edward Snowden filtró miles de documentos de la Agencia Nacional de Seguridad de los Estados Unidos (NSA por sus siglas en inglés) a los periodistas Glenn Greenwald y Laura Poitras. Desde entonces se han publicado decenas de reportajes periodísticos a nivel mundial que revelan programas de vigilancia masiva de alcance global. Las filtraciones muestran que esta agencia tiene la capacidad de recolectar las comunicaciones de Internet. Cables de fibra óptica, comunicaciones satelitales y telefonía celular son algunas de los medios sobre los que la agencia recolecta información. Las grandes empresas de Internet entregan los datos sus usuarios a esta agencia. Si esto no es suficiente se recurre a los ataques informáticos para buscar la información restante. Las comunicaciones recolectadas son procesadas en sistemas sofisticados. Los mismos permiten a los analistas de la NSA encontrar información a través de buscadores similares al de Google o DuckDuckGo que operan sobre las comunicaciones privadas de quiénes usan Internet. Si bien la NSA sostiene que los programas de vigilancia se realizan con el fin de combatir el terrorismo. Se revelaron operaciones que muestran espionaje político y a sectores estratégicos de países alrededor del mundo. En este trabajo se enfatiza el caso de América Latina. El documento completo se lo puede descargar acá: La NSA Según las Revelaciones de Snowden (pdf) La NSA Según las Revelaciones de Snowden (odt)"
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