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Francisco Gascón Moya

UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in danger - 5 views

    El Atlas UNESCO de las lenguas del mundo en peligro tiene por finalidad sensibilizar a los encargados de la elaboración de políticas, las comunidades de hablantes y el público en general, al problema de las lenguas en peligro de desaparición y a la necesidad de salvaguardar la diversidad lingüística del mundo. También pretende ser un instrumento para efectuar el seguimiento de las lenguas amenazadas y de las tendencias que se observan en la diversidad lingüística a nivel mundial.
Luciano Ferrer

Planet has just 5% chance of reaching Paris climate goal, study says | Environment | The Guardian - 0 views

    "There is only a 5% chance that the Earth will avoid warming by at least 2C come the end of the century, according to new research that paints a sobering picture of the international effort to stem dangerous climate change."
Luciano Ferrer

Capitalism is a Paperclip Maximizer - 0 views

    "... In addition to serving as a great explanatory example of the potential danger of AI, I have realized that paperclip maximizer is also a perfect allegory for capitalism. Where the artificial intelligence sought to maximize paperclips, the capital maximizer seeks to maximize capital. ... While this story of the capital maximizer might strike some as the anti-capitalist rantings of socialist idealism, it is not meant as such. Capitalism is the most powerful machine that humans have ever created. It can realize the benefits of technological progress and leverage them to improving the human condition better than any other economic system yet devised. The problem is in viewing the growth of capital as an ends and not a means. If we do not demand that our systems maximize the well-being of humans and the environment which sustains us, then all is lost."
Javier Carrillo

On The Rocks | The first geological video contest by Socitetà Geologica Italiana - 0 views

    Magnifica iniciativa abierta a la participación de cualquier persona para crear vídeos de 3 minutos de difusión de las Ciencias de la Tierra. Hay una sección específica donde se invita a participar a centros de E. Primaria y de E. Secundaria "ON THE ROCKS is the first geological video contest for everybody. You should participate with a creative, informal video, where you explain your research, passions or new ideas regarding the Earth, in only 180 seconds. We are looking for passionate contributions by utilizing for example animations, stop-motions, cartoons, time-lapse, interviews, music, poems, dance to demonstrate for a wider public of non-specialists. It should focus on the wonders, dangers and surprises of an adventurous, geological journey, which could take place indoor, outdoor, in a lab, in the mountains, at sea or in the outer space. The potential contributors should therefore be from the scientific community, but could also be passionate and professional multimedia storytellers."
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