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Chris Pappas

Technology and Its Role in Increasing High School Success - 0 views

  • More than ever technology has played a vital role in educating and connecting students to learning opportunities
  • high schools are presented with many new opportunities for enhancing and supplementing classroom instruction through technology.
  • Through the use of online curricula, social media outlets, virtual learning academies and assistive technology devices there is greater access for all students to enhanced education.
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  • assistive and learning technology offers great promise in helping these students. Special education delivery now happens more often in the general education classroom, not in segregated special needs classrooms.
  • Tremendous advances in technology in the past decade have led to the development of speech synthesis and recognition technology, interactive software, and miniaturization and portability that help these students achieve and thrive
    Technology in high schools

The cell phone revolutionary - - 0 views

    shows the transperency of SIM card
Brendan Phair

Some Schools Actually Want Students To Play With Their Smartphones In Class : All Tech ... - 0 views

  • Allowing mobile technology in class has an "inevitable march of progress" feel to it, like when calculators were first allowed. And in classrooms around the country, this change is already occurring.
  • She says allowing the devices has actually decreased discipline issues.

    Several teachers interviewed for this story say a combination of allowing devices, and setting aside times where texting is OK, has led to a dramatic drop in "pocket texting" or "sweatshirt texting" in class.

  • For three years, Oyster River Middle School in Durham, N.H., has been letting students use their touch-screen devices in class. The kids learn how to make presentations on iPads, how to keep track of their homework on a smartphone, and what they should and shouldn't post on social media sites. The devices can be their planners, agenda books, and pocket reference libraries all day long.
ashley ryan

James Rosenberg: Technology in the Classroom: Friend or Foe? - 0 views

    article about technology in classrooms

Social media find place in classroom - - 0 views

    Social media in schools
Tommy Bezreh

Technology Training in High Schools affects the Cooperate World - 0 views

    This article shows how having technology in schools allows kids to gain interest and experience to prepare for the cooperate world. 
Matt Dignan

Virginia high school uses technology to increase learning time, boost graduation rates ... - 0 views

    This article shows how technology has lead to an increase in graduation rates. 
Adam Bonfilio

The Affects of the iPads in Schools | Teen Opinion Essay - 0 views

  • The iPad is harming the importance of books.
  • It sta
  • students are not paying attention to their work.
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  • The iPads are replacing books in many schools.
  • you can make notes at the side.
  • There is no real difference between reading books and the iPad.
  • Throughout the years, the iPad has been becoming the most dominant learning tool and this will affect the education and books will not seem important anymore.
Andrew Marcinek

Oreo Super Bowl Spot Attracts Thousands of Instagram Followers - 0 views

  • Oreo began promoting its Instagram account on Facebook beginning Thursday. Before the commercial aired, Oreo had around 2,200 followers, a company spokesperson told Mashable. Shortly after, its following climbed to nearly 20,000, and is now nearing the 30,000 mark.

    According to CNBC, about half of Super Bowl commercials have included a hashtag to spark conversations on social media during and after the game.

Andrew Marcinek

20 Google Tricks And Tips For Gmail, Maps & Reader - 0 views

  • However, if you delve a little deeper, there are many tricks hidden away that will help improve your experience. To help you out, here are a number of tips and tricks that you can use for four of Google’s more popular features: Gmail, Maps, Google Drive and Google News.
  • Sometimes you will come across important messages, but the only way you can mark them is with the yellow tab or star icon. Thankfully, there is a feature in settings which lets you mark your inbox with different symbols to help you. Start by clicking the gear icon in the upper right hand corner and scroll halfway down the general settings page to find the “Stars” setting. Here you can drag different stars and icons into the “In Use” section to activate them. The next time you’re starring an email, you can cycle through the different colours by clicking on the icon repetitively.
  • The annoying thing about email threads is that if the messages are long and numerous, it’s very easy for the context to get lost among the many paragraphs of text. There’s a handy way to get around this as blogger John Graham-Cunning recently discovered. Before you hit reply, highlight the block of text you want quoted and then hit reply. This ensures that only that text you highlighted will be quoted in the email below your message.
    Remember to use this for essay
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