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Barbara Lindsey

O'Reilly Network: What Is Web 2.0 - 0 views

  • "folksonomy" (in contrast to taxonomy), a style of collaborative categorization of sites using freely chosen keywords, often referred to as tags. Tagging allows for the kind of multiple, overlapping associations that the brain itself uses, rather than rigid categories. In the canonical example, a Flickr photo of a puppy might be tagged both "puppy" and "cute"--allowing for retrieval along natural axes generated user activity.
    • Barbara Lindsey
      Key is flexibility for user-generated tags that are meaningful to them.
  • RSS allows someone to link not just to a page, but to subscribe to it, with notification every time that page changes.
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  • RSS is now being used to push not just notices of new blog entries, but also all kinds of data updates, including stock quotes, weather data, and photo availability
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