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Demetri Orlando

PhotoScan - scanner by Google Photos - 0 views

    wow... another omg app from google!
Demetri Orlando


    Looks like a cool app that could work for a variety of subjects. I tried it on my phone but can't get past one part of the creation process. Not sure why yet.
Demetri Orlando - 0 views

    2017 Horizons report
Demetri Orlando

Life improvements for humanity, in 5 charts - 0 views

  • The successful transformation of our living conditions was possible only because of collaboration.
  • It is our collective brains and our collaborative effort that are needed for such an improvement.
  • Big problems remain.
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  • It is far from certain that we will make progress against these problems. There is no iron law that would ensure that the world continues this trend of improving living conditions. But what is clear from the long-term perspective is that the past 200 years brought us to a better position than ever before to solve these problems. Solving problems — big problems — is always a collaborative undertaking. And the group of people that is able to work together today is a much, much stronger group than there ever was on this planet. We have just seen the change over time; the world today is healthier, richer, and better educated.
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