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Ellen Filgo

News: What Students Don't Know - Inside Higher Ed - 1 views

  • In the absence of an established structure ensuring that students build relationships with librarians throughout their college careers, professors play a critical role in brokering students' relationships with librarians
Jeff Steely

ProfHacker - The Chronicle of Higher Education: Google Scholar Citations - 0 views

    citation metrics
Jeff Steely

Slice of Research Life report [OCLC] - 0 views

    Valuable study of senior researchers' practices
Jeff Steely

Understanding Library Impacts on student learning | In the Library with the Lead Pipe - 0 views

  • We should focus on the ‘high-impact’ activities in which faculty expect students to demonstrate their best work. Capstone experiences and upper level coursework within the academic major seem to fit the bill for four year institutions.
  • information behaviors vary by academic major as well? Our assessment tools should be sensitive to these differences.
Jeff Steely

Bike Sharing Comes to the Academic Library « The Scholarly Kitchen - 0 views

    Thought provoking piece on the message our services send
Jeff Steely

Critical Assets: Academic Libraries, a View from the Administration Building - 5/1/2010... - 0 views

  • libraries should support learning that involves collaboration—i.e., getting students to spend time talking to one another in spaces in the library."
  • reinvest in a traditional position, the subject librarian
  • help scholars in the prepublication phase
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • not particularly concerned about the expense of maintaining libraries. Funding libraries was perceived as the cost of being part of higher education. CAOs were more interested in outcomes—how much were the libraries being used? How central were they to the mission of the institution? In what ways did they enhance the reputation of the college or university?
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