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Jeff Steely

Digital humanities and the future of technology in higher ed. - 0 views

    I love the final paragraph "Another way of putting that is: Do not spend eight years getting a doctorate with the sole purpose of becoming digital humanist, as you would be better off just learning to code and getting a job as a software engineer. However, if you have already made the unwise choice to enroll in a humanities Ph.D. program, one way to salvage what will otherwise be your eventual entrée onto a jobless hellscape might be to "disrupt" your Eliot (George, T.S., whichever) and start using technology to analyze, distribute, or supplement your research. The worst possible outcome, after all, will be that more than three people read your work."
Ellen Filgo

FLIP THE MODEL (a pre-print) - The Ubiquitous Librarian - The Chronicle of Higher Educa... - 2 views

    ""Academic libraries are encountering a critical inflection point. In our case it isn't a single technology that is disrupting our established system, but a barrage of advancements in publishing, pedagogy, and user preferences. The landscape is shifting around us, and the future of scholarship requires us to develop new skills, design new environments, and deliver new service capacities. In short, we need new operating models.""
Jeff Steely

» A Librarian's Guide to OpenRefine ACRL TechConnect Blog - 0 views

    This looks like it could be very useful for manipulating large data sets.
sha towers

Professional development reform: 8 steps to make it happen - - Readability - 1 views

    written from a school district perspective but core elements are relevant to any professional development efforts
Jeff Steely

Developing an Institutional Research Data Management Plan Service | - 0 views

  • nstitutions and researchers have worked together for years on streamlining and improving campus processes to sustain institutional research at all levels. The challenges have been and are many. The new EDUCAUSE ACTI Data Management Working Group (ACTI-DM) white paper, Developing an Institutional Research Data Management Plan Service, provides guidance on developing research data management planning services at higher education institutions, based on a broad sampling of trends in these services at institutions across the U.S. and internationally.

    This white paper includes three key sections:

    • What Should be Included in the Data Management Plan (DMP)
    • Developing a DMP Service at Your Institution
    • Skill Sets Required for a DMP Consulting Service
Ellen Filgo

Joint Statement on Faculty Status of College and University Librarians | AAUP - 0 views

  • Indeed, all members of the academic community are likely to become increasingly dependent on skilled professional guidance in the acquisition and use of library resources as the forms and numbers of these resources multiply, scholarly materials appear in more languages, bibliographical systems become more complicated, and library technology grows increasingly sophisticated. The librarian who provides such guidance plays a major role in the learning process.
  • Because the scope and character of library resources should be taken into account in such important academic decisions as curricular planning and faculty appointments, librarians should have a voice in the development of the institution’s educational policy.
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