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Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries GAF4 Event Apr/May 2012, Korea, with 10AFAF - 1 views

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started by merylw on 16 Nov 12
  • merylw
    10th Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum
    (S-2) Special Session 2: 4th Global Symposium on Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries
    Yeosu, Korea
    April 30 to May 4 2013
    Dates (actual dates to be advised. GAF4 will be held over 2-3 days of 10AFAF)


    I. CHANGE: Capabilities and vulnerabilities with respect to changes (environmental, social, cultural, economic, livelihood). Gendered change (for women, men, girls, boys) is an important characteristic of the major changes occurring in aquaculture and fisheries. However, the gendered nature of change is little recognized, little studied and rarely measured. How can it be researched, measured and how should different agencies (e.g., fisheries departments, development agencies, NGOs) address it? Chair , Co-Chair - to be advised. Lead speaker and contributed papers
    II. ASSETS, SPACES AND ROLES: Qualifying and quantifying gender assets and roles, and the gendered use of space in aquaculture and fisheries (or) Unique spaces for women in aquaculture and fisheries. Chair, Co-Chair - to be advised. Lead speaker and contributed papers
    III. FUTURE NEEDS: Policy and advocacy related to gender in aquaculture and fisheries - research, development, decision making bodies (governments, public spaces), and the human capacity requirements. Chair, Co-Chair - to be advised. Lead speaker and contributed papers.

    I. RESEARCH METHODS ROUNDTABLE: Qualitative and Quantitative methods in gender research and writing gender papers eg: research design for comparative analysis of seaweed farming and gender. Mini Workshop: Chair - Marilyn Potter, + Co-Chair- (to be advised )
    II., GENDER NETWORKS AND ASSOCIATIONS FOR AQUACULTURE AND FISHERIES: To explore why establishing and maintaining women and gender in fisheries and aquaculture networks and interest groups has proven difficult in all countries and regions. From experience, lessons learned, better understanding the needs and challenges, and brainstorming new pathways, explore options for future action in research, advocacy and development support. Chair: to be advised.
    III. AQUACUTLURE PLATFORM FOCUS GROUP DISCUSSION ON FUTURE RESEARCH NEEDS: What are the most important areas to cover in ASEM (Asian-Europe Meeting) future research (methodology, subjects of interest, types of beneficiary) concerning gender and aquaculture. Chair: Dr Zumilah Zainalaludin

    Abstracts are invited from researchers for papers to be presented on the themes mentioned in Section I above. The abstracts will have to confirm to the general format prescribed for the 10afaf. The format can be accessed at The last date for receipt of abstracts is November 30, 2012. The abstracts should be submitted to the main 10AFAF organizers and can be submitted online at: PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL GAF4 ABSTRACTS WILL NEED TO BE SUBMITTED ONLINE THROUGH THE MAIN 10AFAF SUBMISSION SYSTEM.

    Section II will be open to all participants of GAF4 and will be in mini workshop and focus group discussion formats. The presentations for this section will be by invitation only. Participants are free to bring in material or discussion points to the workshops for discussion in the same.

    Dr Nikita Gopal
    Chair, Program Sub-Committee

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