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Lizzie Grater

Pennsylvania gets high marks for rein on drilling for gas - Washington Times - 0 views

  • From 2008 to 2010, the percentage of violations in relation to the number of wells drilled dropped from 58.2 percent to 30.5 percent
  • Nearly two-thirds of the violations were deemed “administrative” in nature and had no physical impact
  • Industry leaders are mounting a pushback against those efforts, arguing that states such as Pennsylvania, New York and others are far better equipped to craft guidelines specific to their geographic and environmental situations, rather than rely on a one-size-fits-all standard from Washington, D.C.
Alejandro Leiva

Marco Rubio works both sides on immigration - Print View - 2 views

    • Alejandro Leiva
      Neutrality in Immigration a step that Marco Rubio has recently taken, tend to propose enforcement (that is not too strong) in order to please conservatives of his party--yet he makes sure to soften his proposals in order to maintain hold of Democratic and Latino advocates. 
  • the plan in broad terms, saying it would legalize undocumented children brought to the United States at an early age provided they have no criminal record and have completed high school. It would grant them “non-immigrant” visas, allowing them to stay in the country and access the existing immigration system through which they could eventually become green card holders or naturalized citizens.
  • the DREAM Act — which failed to overcome Republican opposition in a Democratic-controlled Congress in 2010 — would provide a direct pathway to citizenship by providing green cards to children seeking higher education or military service of at least two years. They also must have come to the U.S. before age 16, be under the age of 30, have lived in the country for five years, pass a criminal background test and have earned a high school diploma or GED. Beneficiaries could apply for citizenship after six years.
Alejandro Leiva

New Hints at Looser Travel Rules Stir Hope in Cuba - - 2 views

  • promised reform of Cuba’s migration rules that, for half a century, have controlled who can leave the island, who can return and how long they can be gone.
  • Any loosening of controls would be a step toward eliminating one of the most deeply resented restrictions on Cubans’ liberty and a milestone on President Raúl Castro’s gradual march toward economic and social reform. Cuban officials have hinted for years that a change might be coming, but the bureaucratic system limiting travel remains in place.
  • the reform could spur economic migration and deepen ties between the island and the two million members of the diaspora, whose money and business experience may be vital to the government’s plans to drastically enlarge the private sector.
    Ale!!! (\_/) (^x^) (....) ####
Lizzie Grater

Opinion: Earth Day reminder: Growth and green can mix - Heather Zichal - - 0 views

  • Thanks to the president’s leadership, we are on track to double energy generated from renewable sources like wind and solar in his first term, creating jobs and ensuring America is not ceding this industry to China and other countries
  • average fuel efficiency is expected to nearly double, reaching an average performance equivalent of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025
    hippie alert?
Alejandro Leiva

Court: Man can't use parents to avoid deportation | Fox News - 2 views

  • The high court on Monday unanimously ruled against Carlos Martinez Gutierrez, who wants to keep from being deported as a criminal immigrant.
    sorry no get outta jail free card for you! XD
    He is being deported-- not imprisoned, you dunce
    same difference yellow/ orange card vs a lack of a "green card"
Alejandro Leiva

IRS Gives Billions in Tax Refunds to Illegals - Chuck Norris - Townhall Conservative Co... - 0 views

  • the NBC affiliate in Indianapolis, recently reported about how millions of illegal aliens are getting billions of dollars in U.S. tax refunds without having paid a dime in income taxes.
  • Illegal immigrants cannot qualify for legitimate Social Security numbers, which would entitle them to work legally in the U.S. and file income tax returns, but the Internal Revenue Service allows them to apply for nine-digit individual taxpayer identification numbers, or ITINs, which also are used to file federal income tax returns.
  • One illegal used a fake address and said four illegal aliens lived there with 20 relatives as dependents, for a grand total tax refund of $29,000!
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • a provision in the tax code permits illegals to claim "additional child tax credits," which grant families $1,000 per "dependent" child.
  • The words that continue to echo through my head are President Barack Obama's chastising comment about the wealthy: We all must "pay our fair share" of taxes.
    Chuck Norris?! SMH tu necesitas prestar atencion a la presentacion
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