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Taylor Wilson

The Top 10 Shagreen Pieces - 1 views

  • Designers Trip Haenisch and Georgia Tapert Howe fall under the spell of this exotic leather that brings Art Deco elegance to any room.
yc c

The Selby - 5 views

    the selby features photographs, paintings and videos by todd selby of interesting people and their creative spaces

100 Terrific Social Sites for Every Kind of Artist | Clear View Education Blog - 7 views

    100 of the best social sites for creative types
    Incredible collection indeed! :D
Ian Yang

Tim Van den Broeck - Illustrator / Designer / Art Director - 0 views


    From A Beautiful Morning series, by Tim Van den Broeck
graphix luv

Designing a logo for yourself is difficult | Graphic Design Blog - 0 views

    Although we think we know ourselves very well but have you ever tried designing a logo for your own busines. You won't believe you can turn out to be as difficult as one of your nosy client.
    This is not a very good article. There are lots of simple grammatical mistakes. Is this a joke I can give you better advice than this on creating your logo than this article.
Ian Yang

11 Places to Sell Your Graphic Art | Vandelay Website Design - 0 views

  • For graphic designers who are looking for some variety rather than just client work, stock photography sites can provide an opportunity. In this post we’ll take a look at some of the leading stock photo sites that also sell illustrations from graphic artists. There are even a few sites on the list that specializes in graphic art rather than stock photography.
Chris Weige

Naomi Ryder Illustrations - 0 views

    a great website! I love the little touch of "ugliness" (or lowbrow) of the illustrator's works. ;)
Ian Yang

Today's Inspiration - 0 views

    A place for those with an interest in illustration from the 40's
    and 50's to share their knowledge, views and opinions.
Ian Yang

mesme8 on deviantART - 0 views

    Nothing else but stunning digital art in his gallery.
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