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Pierre Page

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started by Pierre Page on 16 Mar 12
  • Pierre Page
    Not that long ago George W. Bush has admitted that this US is addicted to oil (mind you of which we have lots of) and they have to outsource more reliable exporters other than the Middle East and South america. As I had mentioned before, and have the world's fastest growing economy with the highest amount of growing middleclass citizens. alone has 25 million people moving into the major cities each year that needs to purchase a vehicle, property, build factories etc. All this comes with a higher desire of consuming more commodities which include oil.

    Absolutely nothing as much as Quebec and Ontario can be involved. Alberta is doing exceptionally well which has a 6. 9% GDP (remember 3% is normal) where in the East, they are toying which includes a recession if interest rates would increase. Quebec and Ontario is actually heavily manufacture oriented to the US market, however the US is slowing down therefore ordering less products from Canada as a result of lower demand and secondly caused by a more expensive Canadian dollar.

    This is a very unique dilemma on the decision makers at the lending company of Canada because plants control the economy of Canada equally with the same principal which is adjusting interest rates. If they would decide the faith of the interest rates based on the Western economy it would be guaranteed to go up for the reasons I had discussed before. However if int

    As a conclusion it only makes sense to make the decision (lower interest premiums) that will create the best possible results to the most economically sensitive region within Canada

    One might wonder about how Albertans are going to be able to afford to survive with prices on the rise , so fast? The fact is that Albertan households are in the best shape among all of those other country. The average Albertan house has $250, 000 of net assets as compared to rest of Canada 's which is $200, 000. Most people in Alberta had really enjoyed a 6. 3% increase in their disposable income where the rest of the country only saw some sort of 3. 9% raise. A general prerequisite for real estate prices to increase is that people need to earn more money before they can spend it on housing, this has the name the Housing Affordability Catalog. As obvious as it might just sound this indicator plays fundamental role of the prices of real-estate. In Calgary the standard family spends 37% of their total pre-tax household income on housing vs. someone in Vancouver who spends 72% on their pre-tax earnings on lodging.

    The bottom line is that there is no need to worry about this housing bubble or prices losing any room to increase, or cost of living becoming very costly because as strange since it sounds Calgary is still just about the most affordable Cities to are in and it sounds like it's going to be even more attractive once interest rates begin to fall.
    Although construction loan calculations are only an approximation of the actual expenses that the borrower will need to face, they are a very handy tool when it comes to getting an exact idea about the expected construction cost. alberta mortgage broker, alberta mortgage broker, alberta mortgages

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