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pacome delva

Atomic clock is smallest on the market - 2 views

    Soon caesium in your watch !
    very nice indeed ... how much more accurate are our galileo clocks?
    This small clock is around 10^-12 @1d in stability (loose 1 second after 300000 years) and 50 ns in accuracy. For comparison Galileo and GPS clocks are around 10^-14 @1d in stability and 1 ns in accuracy. And ACES/PHARAO will be around 3*10^-16 @1d in stability and 0.3 ps accuracy.
pacome delva

Physics - Atoms in a lattice keep time - 0 views

  • If your wristwatch was as accurate as today‚Äôs atomic clocks, it would not gain or lose a second in 80 million years.
  • The NIST group traps and cools neutral 171Yb atoms and loads them into a one-dimensional lattice, so that about 30,000 atoms fill several hundred lattice sites.
  • Lemke et al. compare their optical lattice clock with the current standard atomic fountain clock and find that the accuracy of the Yb lattice clock potentially challenges the current standard.
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