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  • shared 3 items

    member since 2012-02-21

  • Graham Perrin

    Graham Perrin

    I work at CENTRIM — the Centre for Research in Innovation Management. Beyond work: I enjoy solitude, letting go, camping getaways and dreaming. I have great family and friends, and two gorgeous cats. Take not too much notice of my bookmarks — hundreds are unread!

    shared 158 items

    member since 2008-10-18

  • avivajazz  jazzaviva

    avivajazz jazzaviva

    Passionate about music of the world, especially hand drums and flutes. Love jazz. I'm an informationist, and love to do medical research on the internet. I will be bookmarking everything from progressive politics to botanical medicine, from social media to Buddhism. Enjoy, if you have a moment...

    shared 154 items

    member since 2009-03-02

  • Hendy Irawan

    Hendy Irawan

    Charming, witty man plus smart thinker... Never looks back, yet always look stylish n' casual... Addiction Warning: There's a high chance you'll find me too fun to let go! ;-)

    shared 97 items

    member since 2010-07-14

  • shared 75 items

    member since 2009-09-29

  • Michael Marlatt

    Michael Marlatt

    My passion is mobile technology and figuring out how to solve problems that affect talent attraction, engagement, and recruitment.

    shared 92 items

    member since 2008-04-09

  • shared 81 items

    member since 2009-02-03

  • shared 76 items

    member since 2008-04-29

  • Lucy Gray

    Lucy Gray

    Education Consultant Lucy Gray Consulting ************************ Apple Distinguished Educator Google Certified Teacher

    shared 74 items

    member since 2008-04-04

  • Donna Baumbach

    Donna Baumbach

    retired teacher educator; interested in educational technology and school library media programs and creative people!

    shared 68 items

    member since 2009-01-15

  • shared 76 items

    member since 2008-12-05

  • shared 61 items

    member since 2009-02-14

  • Manish Kumar

    Manish Kumar

    I am Web Marketing Consultant and also interested in Web Designing work.

    shared 60 items

    member since 2009-09-02

  • Sarah HL

    Sarah HL

    Technical Writer

    shared 57 items

    member since 2008-12-01

  • shared 53 items

    member since 2012-03-04

  • Jeff Johnson

    Jeff Johnson

    I have been a Professional Services Engineer (PSE) with JAMF Software since 2012. Prior to that, I was a K-12 technology coordinator/director in three different school districts between 1996 and 2012 and a middle and high school science/chemistry teacher from 1983 to 1996. I like dogs, photograph...

    shared 50 items

    member since 2008-04-07

  • Vahid Masrour

    Vahid Masrour

    My RSS feeds: (I wonder if a Diigo+Netvibes merging wouldn't be a good thing) All you need to know about me:

    shared 47 items

    member since 2008-03-22

  • mbarek Akaddar

    mbarek Akaddar

    High school EFL teacher ICT Teacher Trainer Webhead Collaborative project facilitator

    shared 10 items

    member since 2011-05-09

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