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avivajazz  jazzaviva

TrueTwit | Validate Followers ...Before a Bot or Spammer Plagues You! - 0 views

    TrueTwit is a validation service for Twitter. It distinguishes between people and bots, helps prevent spam, and SAVES YOU TIME in MANAGING (BLOCKING) BAD FOLLOWERS!
Frederik Van Zande

Best unobtrusive anti-spam technique (Not CAPTCHA) | Urbano's Blog - 0 views

    I know you are probably thinking that this will be some silly thing, but this idea that Thomas Landauer came up with is by far the best I've seen in a long time. Add CSS-hidden fields that a user won't see, but a spam-bot will fill. Then using php check if they were filled, and if they were: block the spammer!
Frederik Van Zande

Using captcha without displaying it - 0 views

    How I use captcha without making my users complete the barely readable word
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