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Sunny Jackson

EP224: The Ghost in the Death Trap - 0 views

    Flies buzzed around the edges of the huge stone block, gathering at the rivulets of blood that ran down to the floor. A bit of what looked like it might be intestine hung off one corner, drawing special attention. It was a testament to the force of the collision that fragments of bone and tissue were scattered all the way down the passage, some even wedged in the carvings in the stone walls. Two men surveyed the scene with dismay.

    "See? And this just keeps happening. It's getting so we can't get anything done around here," said the taller of the two, a grey-haired man with red eyes and a patchy beard.

    The other man, younger but not precisely young, hauled himself up on top of the block and examined the mechanism. "This bar's been sliced right through." He looked back down at his client. "You say this was a poltergeist?"
Sunny Jackson

EP058: Shadowboxer : Escape Pod - 0 views

    EP058: Shadowboxer
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