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Joel Bennett - 6 views

    This book helps you use PowerShell to get things done. It contains hundreds of solutions to specific, real-world problems. For systems management, you'll find plenty examples that show how to manage the filesystem, Windows Registry, event logs, processes, and more
Brian Sliger

A Guide to getting started with Windows PowerShell. - 0 views

  • To summarize, here’s how you run from scripts from within Windows PowerShell:•Make sure you’ve changed your execution policy. By default, PowerShell won’t run scripts at all, no matter how you specify the path.•To run a script, specify the entire file path, or either: 1) use the .\ notation to run a script in the current directory or 2) put the folder where the script resides in your Windows path.•If your file path includes blank spaces, enclose the path in double quote marks and preface the path with an ampersand.
    • Brian Sliger
      Things to remember
    Here is some useful information on Running Windows Powershell Scripts. Information is provided for running scripts from within Powershell, or without starting Powershell. There is a link provided to a help file for the Execution Policy to those that want to view it in a standard Windows format.
justin shelton

CodeProject: An Introduction to Windows Power Shell (Monad). Free source code and progr... - 0 views

    This website not just this particular article is helpful and will benefit anyone interested in powershell.
    This website is a nice introduction to powershell for people who are not familiar with it or are new to it intirely. I particually found the command shell walkthroughs helpful to me because of the images included makes this intro extremely easy to follow. It's helpful to both new and weathered powershell users.
Joel Bennett

How to create your own code signing certificate and sign an ActiveX component in Windows - 0 views

    These instrauctions mostly work, but with the current version of Windows OpenSSL, the generated certificate is "not suitable for code signing" unless you modify the OpenSSL.cnf config file.
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